The Journey…

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I have been watching and listening to people around me lately, trying to get a handle on where we stand as a society right now. Everything seems so off kilter it is hard to gauge just where we stand.  I do know there are record numbers of people waking up. They are still numb from sleep and they need time to be able to begin connecting the dots, but they will. One has to be aware of the world around them to grasp what is going on and have an open mind to take in the enormity of what is taking place. This isn’t just about who won the election and who hates who, it is more far-reaching and complex than that. We are witnessing the final battle for our freedom from slavery, lies and injustice at the highest levels. The old paradigm of wealth, control, oppression and greed is in its death throes and they will lash out at anything to attack.

How very sad. They don’t even know what they are fighting to hold onto. They are trying to hold onto a dying dream that is over but they cannot accept that. They are desperate to hold onto a lie!  They are so busy wanting, taking and having they don’t even understand it is all about mindfully living and being and interacting with their life, with each other. The main agenda of the Dark has been ‘distraction’. Be it war, race riots, school shootings, investigations into non-existent imaginings, whatever, all are designed to keep humanities attention trained on these happenings rather than on ourselves. To know oneself is to feel whole, strong and filled with possibility. Not good for the dark.

Knowing I think is the true reason we are on the journey we are on. To know ourselves inside and out, to conquer our fears and embrace faith in a better world. There is a certain thrill of working on oneself, helping yourself grow and become a better person. It is time we place our attention not on the insanity designed to keep us in fear and under their control, but on our journeys. A never ending grab for material gain to help define who we are, is poison to our souls.  Our soul wants us to experience life in every moment and to find out who we are and what we are by BEING IN our lives. We are not present if we are scattered between TV tragedies, the middle class disappearing, what we need to do for work, paying bills, working 9-5, or being torn apart by political discord etc.

Wake up each morning and ask what you can do to make the world a better place today and do it. Make it a happy habit! How can you show kindness to others, how can you bring a smile to someone, how can you help someone or something in need etc? There is powerful energy when giving of yourself that not only lifts up your life but it seeps out to those around you and gets replicated. We are never going to change how the dark think and operate, but we can change how we live our own personal lives. Will we do it mindfully and work at improving who we are or will we continue to be distracted by traumas destroying our ability to ever know who we are because we are disconnected from ourselves? As is always the case, the choice is up to us.

We bought into the lie that wanting, taking and having was how we were meant to live rather than learning how to become one with who we are and investing ourselves in living life to the fullest and to the best of our ability. That journey while often challenging is what produces true pride, self-esteem and self-worth, all of which a great many people in this world are lacking. Not their fault. It was driven out of us until we became the empty shells the dark could happily dominate. All of those traits give one back bone, strength and courage. Once again not good for the dark. It is time we took them back, stiffened our back bones and mustered up our courage to become who we were meant to be!

It is time to regain our values in life and place them back where they belong. It is imperative that we take back respect for life, right now it holds very little value. If we don’t value life and a persons right to live it then why are we even bothering to exist?     Without respecting and valuing life we have defeated ourselves and destroyed all reasons for being. If you don’t love and value your fellow-man why bother? We have been taught to devalue life and now we must make a rapid shift away from such thinking, deprogram ourselves. Each and every one of us matters and it takes so little to share that with others. We are starving to ‘matter’ because we have been shown we don’t matter for so long. We cannot give up! Help those around you feel they matter and that will ripple out into the world.  It is not about things, power, and control, it is all about living a life that says when I go I will have made a positive difference.

Blessings to us all,