The Time Is Now…

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It’s time everybody! The time has come to rise up peacefully yet strongly and take back our lives. We are NOT victims unless we choose to allow ourselves to be victims! I say rise up peacefully because there is no need for violent revolution. Rising up means changing our beliefs about life and about who we really are. It means thinking for ourselves again not just listening to what others want us to think. It means asking ourselves “What do I want for my life?” and going after it. Plunging in head first and going for it, not waiting for someones approval. Whatever you have chosen to do you have chosen because it speaks to your heart not your head or your wallet. How will it make you feel? How do you want to feel? We seldom ask ourselves such questions, we’ve been taught to believe it is not appropriate to put oneself first. Herein lies our problem. We don’t ask enough questions, period.

It drives me crazy to listen to the talking heads in the media screaming about the Opioid crisis going on around the country. People screaming for the wall to be built, giving ICE more powers, writing new laws etc. Hello? When oh when are we ever going to hear fresh minds asking the more critical question of “Why are people being driven to escape reality through drugs in the first place?” People are trying to escape the prison they find themselves in. It is not about walls or laws it is about the fact people are very unhappy being forced to live in a world where a few have it all and everyone else struggles to maintain with little reward or pleasure. It is about being brainwashed away from knowing ourselves. It’s about having our rights and freedoms taken away. It’s about being lied to 24/7 by the Government and the media, which keeps far too many in the dark as to what is REALLY going on in the world.

If we are going to change this sad situation we find ourselves in, we first must begin by changing our beliefs and perspectives about life, outside the box, which in turn will begin to change who we are. If you are brain dead and still believe “My government would never lie to me” then it is past time to update your belief system to fit the time frame we now live in. We are so terrified of change, a human trait that the majority of us all share. We would rather hang on tightly to what was rather than face what might be, no matter how bad things may be or how much better it could be. We are stuck on hold by staying in this mindset. Just look at what is going on today. The world is imploding yet we still keep doing what we’ve always done before!

Not only is it time we change who and what we are, I also believe the time is NOW for us to redesign a new way of governance. Everyone is sick and tired of listening to the babbling and squabbling going on in Washington. It will never stop until we demand a new way of governing ourselves that reflect our changing needs. What we have now is broken and outdated. We the people are evolving and we need a new way of being in the world. That too is part of the Opioid crisis going on, our children have evolved beyond us and are finding they are unable to live in these backward times. They know school is doing nothing more than brainwashing them to think the way Government wants them to think so they can be of use to them down the road. They know deep inside somewhere, it is NOT about money and career, it’s about living mindfully and appreciating what they have, finally valuing life! They know it’s not about cut throat politics and lies, it’s about truth and kindness and compassion. It’s about being able to finally feel ‘I Matter’ and not just always feeling lost and alone. They realize we are all one and it is time to start thinking and being as one.

We are presently watching the old system falling apart because it’s time has come. Things change, needs change, beliefs change, but the dark refuse to accept that truth. Everything changes because if it didn’t, life would remain stagnant and boring and meaningless just as it is right now. We know there is more to life than what we have been told. There is a great deal we have not been told! And yes, our Government DOES lie to us. If we wish things to change we must demand they change, stand up for those changes and push hard for them, speak out for them and accept nothing less. We must make it well known that what once was, no longer can be! We find ourselves at this juncture because it is the ‘perfect storm’ so to speak. We are all tired of the old, we want our freedom, we want to try new ways of being, we have new priorities, we wish to become more than what we are being allowed to be and above all we must change ourselves by changing our beliefs. We cannot create a new world if we remain harnessed by old structures and ideas.

The crumbling away of the old system becomes frightening to many because they have no grasp on a new direction to go in. They feel lost and feel like the old is safe because they know it. That need for feeling safe could easily throw away the key to our prison doors if we don’t pay attention. There has been a slow eroding away of our self confidence by Government always harping to let them do this or that for us. People have fallen prey to this generosity because it comes with a big rope attached. Nothing is free! Not even Obamaphones! Everything has a price and we have grown poor trying to pay it back. We have paid back with our freedoms and with our identities. We have come close to selling them our souls. Many have, but many have refused to go that far and they awakened. They have begun connecting the dots and understanding the truth of the reality they find themselves in.

The only way out of prison is to stop being who or what we are told to be and become who we wish to be, to begin to think for ourselves again, asking questions and no longer just believing what we are told, pushing forward in raising our consciousness to higher levels and raising ourselves up and out of that low,vibrating frequency of victim-hood. It is time to once again make our lives matter! We DO MATTER and it is time to believe in ourselves again. It is time to pay attention and reconnect with ourselves deep within. Therein lie the answers.

It’s time! The old is falling apart now because at this moment in time this is why we were placed here, to fill the void with something better and more suitable for who we are becoming. Just like the tadpoles that lost their tails and became frogs, we are becoming new human beings and we will adapt. It is time to reinstate our strong morals and respect that have been taken away, it is time to see that war and killing no longer are part of who we are, we must practice compassion, for caring about ourselves and others is now a top priority, it is time to reject dishonesty and embrace truth, it is time for us to finally BE in a new world!

Blessings to all,


Thanks to Sue ❤