How Long?

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This is a question I ask myself almost every single day. How long are we going to put up with the abuse we have suffered under for so long now? I always imagined there would come a time when people would say “Enough is enough” and do something, but no. Minds have become so brainwashed for so long now, I have to wonder if people are even aware of what is going on. I hope so, otherwise it makes my hope drain away. We are so backwards in our thinking, the insanity of what we are doing to ourselves doesn’t even hit home! Well it is time it did!

I saw an article about a teacher here in the States who spent a day panhandling the roadways in search of the money she needs for this coming years class at school. There is so little money available she often spends up to $2000.00 of her own money to buy necessary things for her kid’s classroom. As always happens with me, I hear or see something and my mind quickly expands to take in the bigger picture than what I am seeing or hearing. It did this time as well. So what is wrong with this scenario? I’ll tell you. Why do people who play games for a living such as football or baseball or act in movies or television make millions of dollars, while the people who teach our children earn next to nothing? The same goes for the police as well. They protect us yet we pay them very little. It’s because we have allowed our priorities to be buried and forgotten. We no longer can see what is right or wrong.

Think about it for a moment.  Ask yourself this: Does it make any sense that we place the education of our own children and their hope for a better future beneath the importance of paying a ball player or an actor? Think more closely about what I just said. How did we get here?  Watch the animals out in the wild someday with their young. They will kill for their young, they stay with their young and raise them by their side, yet we think so little of our children it seems that we would rather pay ball players and actors millions yet provide very little funding to teach our children a good education or pay our police a decent wage to protect our asses everyday! Take the police away for one day and all hell would break loose yet we choose not to think about such things. They are being taunted and killed daily!

It is time we get our priorities back in line again. We pay the ball players and actors way more than we even pay the President. Really?  So many generations have grown up believing this is the way things ‘should be’ that we no longer even question our actions. Are they correct actions? Should we rethink them? We just do as we’ve been taught be it right or wrong. When injustice is exposed in Washington we get the same excuse of   ” Well, that is just the way things are in Washington”. It is this kind of living we need to change in places of power and more importantly in ourselves. We rarely ask any questions any longer and look where we have ended up. Our priorities are upside down and inside out now. If we stop for one minute and really think about things like this we can see how out of touch we have become and we need to get back to where we should be!

If we ourselves are not safe, then how can life go forward and become something meaningful? It can’t. If we are killed our hopes and dreams are killed as well and yet we attack the very people protecting us and pay them next to nothing to do this dangerous job. We long to have our children grow up and be successful and happy yet we are letting schools crumble with age and pay the teachers responsible for our children very little to do their job. We are guilty for allowing this injustice to continue, for not demanding better from ourselves. We don’t stand up or scream out to demand changes be made to shift this injustice and make things right for once. We sit and watch our own political system play the blame game with each other everyday so I guess we can play the blame game as well.

No! It is high time we get ourselves together. Stop existing in this fake, distorted world we find ourselves drowning in and at least make our own worlds sane and our priorities strong and powerful. I certainly hope people don’t fall back asleep now that election time is over! There may be a new administration in Washington but the swamp is not drained and the same garbage continues to rule the day. The health care bill is a sham just like everything else they try to pump out and lay at our feet. Where is the ability to get insurance across state lines in the bill? Where is the reining in of the greedy Pharmaceutical industry to end the price gouging and make things fair? Why are Insurance companies still being allowed to over charge for pathetic coverage and not cover alternative medicine at all? The injustice is very much alive and well and it is OUR responsibility to drain the swamp to save our own lives.

Everything will continue to stay upside down and inside out until we refuse to put up with it anymore. If we can’t change what goes on in Washington and around the world in other Governments, then we must change our own lives, NOW! We can all be hero’s and help others out and in doing so inspire others to do the same. Find ways to leave the system and do things on your own terms. Reach out to others and offer them a hand up not a hand out. Say no to the system instead of always saying yes. Recharge your brain’s firing pins and start to think for yourself again and stop letting Government tell you how things should or will be. No, it’s how we the people want things to be. If we want things to be better, we ourselves have to be better. That is our challenge for the future!

Eyes wide open guys… Visionkeeper

Where To Next?

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We here in America are seeing a great deal of chaos swirling out of control and yet nobody is asking why, just like the opioid crisis that everyone is screaming about to fix it, yet nobody asks why there is a Opioid crisis in the first place. What is causing it? What is driving societal chaos into a frenzied state? The best way to describe what is going on is to paint a picture for you to envision. See yourself walking through beautiful woodlands and coming to a brook. You stop and look for the most secure looking rocks to step on to cross over and then you carefully venture out. Try hard to imagine the feeling you get when your first foot reaches out to the rock in the middle of the stream and there you stand momentarily straddled between the known and unknown. Carefully you pull your second foot away from its shoreline anchor and  towards the rock making sure there is room for both feet and you land there. Now you stand precariously in the middle of the stream and begin the last steps towards the opposite shore line. You keep going until you successfully cross the bubbling stream. You were able to risk the move because of one very important reason. You knew where you were going and what you were going to. Solid ground.

The chaos we are witnessing unfolding around us is being driven by the unknown because there is no solid ground where we are going. We do not feel safe with ourselves to get us to where we need to go because we don’t know where we are going! We are disconnected from self and have been for the majority of our lives. The Internet is quite the complex beast to understand. On the one hand it can bring souls all across the world together in powerful ways that can propel us forward, while on the other hand it has driven us into isolation from human contact. Texts, emails, calls, Tweets, whatever, is allowing us to interact without being in the other persons presence. Not having eye contact or body language leaves us wide open to assumptions and misinformation as we try to communicate. We are now depriving our souls the comfort of  one to one contact that reminds us that we are validated and necessary.

The only  way for us to move forward from land to rock to land again as we move forward in life is to feel safe enough to make that move because we can see the land we are headed for.  I think we can begin to maneuver this journey of evolving  by honestly admitting to ourselves first and foremost we have been hoodwinked. Life is not at all what we have been told. You think the fake news situation is bad now, imagine the same lies forever telling us how life is meant to be lived. We listened, we obeyed and our souls were dying a slow death. We are not doing what we truly are meant to be doing and we don’t know what we are meant to be doing because we are disconnected from ourselves and from reality. Reality today exists within the boundaries of a smart phone, a cell phone or a computer. We have allowed everybody and everything else to tell us where to go and what to do and we gave up thinking for ourselves. Big mistake!

Third dimensional living is a distortion of truth. Life is not, nor was it ever meant to be, working 9-5. This is where the biggest hoodwink happened. We believed the agenda we were fed of working 9-5. We allowed it to define who we were and created beliefs within ourselves that our careers=identity and self-worth. NO! You have all the self-worth you need whether you work or not, but it is hard to see this fact and believe it because we have been convinced otherwise. Race inequality was created to further a divide amongst the people as well, then we fell into the trap set by materialism which eroded our authenticity and drove us into the mindset of the haves and have-nots.  To further our divide we began losing our morals and allowing ourselves to get lost in judgment against one another and drowning under the need to always be right.  These became tools for us to use to control our reality. It is no wonder we are spinning out of control, unsure of who we are or where we are meant to go.

Enter we the people. It is now up to us to wake up, reconnect with ourselves and begin to reinvent our reality. Our mission is to be that piece of solid ground on the other side of the stream providing the lost and confused with the courage and reassurance of landing safely in a new world. We ARE that new world. That means for every thing in 3D we are experiencing, we must now create in 4D or 5D so everyone knows where we are going, then they can take the steps necessary for us to get to the other side. We all came into being with gifts/skills that we can use to create what we need in the new world. We take the old and figure new ways of recreating it to fit the new world. Figure out what you don’t like and invent new ways of doing it better. It takes getting off our butts and saying no more to what is and joining together to create what will be. It takes interacting with life again one on one, it takes changing our beliefs and our story and trusting a new way forward is what should & must unfold. Holding on to what was will only drag you down with the sinking ship.

The world is a hologram  and what happens to one happens to all. We need each other to survive. We are only divided by the beliefs that have been drilled into us forever. That is our mission as well, to reshape those beliefs to a new reality and let the old, misinformed beliefs fade away. They do not define who we now are. We must overcome fear of moving forward by believing in who we are and trusting in ourselves to do the right thing without being told. This all takes hard work on our insides but it must be done if we are to succeed. We can continue to be brainwashed into oblivion or we can awaken and begin to think for ourselves again. The truth will set us free as they always say. Nothing could be more true. Have a safe journey…

Blessings to all,