I’m trying out a new blog along with continuing to keep this one for the time being.I don’t know how long I will keep writing on the new blog, but for now it seems important. I believe deeply in my heart and soul it is time to end our outdated form of governing ourselves and begin anew. I need to talk about this and not just harbor these feelings within and become frustrated. I know I am not the only person out there that feels like I do. If you have half a brain you can see we as human beings ┬áhave evolved and yet our laws and governance remain the same. Think about that.

We are NOT who we were when our bylaws were set up originally, so it stands to reason we need to create new ways to keep the peace within our country and keep things working as best they can, all from a new perspective. Certainly this is not what we are seeing right now. This country is imploding because government is holding us back from moving ahead and becoming who we are meant to be. So many people are no longer thinking for themselves but lazily are following along down the wrong path! We are witnessing destructive, psychopathic, people trying to continue to run this country under the same laws, but it is not the same country and we are definitely not the same people! We are awake and that makes all the difference in the world. This charade must end. It is time for change in every sense of the word, government most of all! So stop by the new blog sometime if you feel like it and offer your ideas for making things better. Nothing will change until we come together as a whole and force change to happen. The time for a new world is upon us. It is time for action!

Blessings and thanks to all,