Change Cometh….

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Over the years that I have been watching carefully the shifting of paradigms, it came in slowly at first, then recently began speeding up to the frantic state we now find ourselves in today. We need to see things from a new perspective, a wider and deeper one that ventures way outside the box! It should be plainly obvious to all of us that the present way of governing ourselves is not working for us anymore. Simply put, we are not who we were when we made up the rules. Government has run amok and society is suffering profoundly from what is happening. The few have become the wealthy and the wealthy pretty much have run the world up until now, up until the paradigm shifted and society has had their awareness shifted by the uncovering of the rampant corruption, abuse of power and lies. The many have suffered under the control of the few since the beginning and our patience has run out.

All of the chaos we are witnessing is a result of the energy of the shifting paradigms.The powerful division we see strengthening, the sides being taken, the anger at the ready, is a matter of two factions of humans short circuiting on different frequencies and unable to find words to reconnect. Their differences are as strong as magnets being forced together on the wrong sides. The pushing apart is strong and so is the difference between paradigms. One paradigm is loving and giving and thinks with its heart and well outside the confines of the box, and is ready for change, the other paradigm is still trapped inside the meme of war, more is better, conquer the world, steal all the money, control all the people. As a collective of the new paradigm, we have come a long way, we have opened our hearts and minds and the old meme no longer speaks to who we are as a whole. Too many of us have splintered off from the antiquated meme and so the herd will no longer follow automatically in one direction. Now they question causing a fork in the road..

As part of our new paradigm we will need a new form of governance that views life and it’s rules through new and updated eyes. Cronyism is dead! Our new ways of thinking and being can no longer accept what was as what is. The scam of the two-party system will continue as long as we allow it. I wonder how many more decades it will take for us to find the courage to make the change. Humans being such devout creatures of habit, most do not like to experience change. It is unsettling and somehow threatening when in fact we should embrace it for the growth it will bring. We fear it because we have been taught we are alone rather than being taught the truth that we really belong together. Who wants to make fearful changes alone? And so we avoid change at all costs. We have been divided and continue to be divided for the sole purpose of control.We are weakened by the forcing of unrest between us and using that unrest as distraction. Once one begins to understand how the Washington machine operates the more clearly one can begin to make sense of what is going on today.

We are now witness to the old paradigm fighting hard to keep control but feeling it slipping away. They are frightened and they are angry and they are dangerous like a wild cornered animal, but we must keep up our cause to make the world a safer, happier and more caring place. A movement needs to be birthed in favor of a new form of government.To sit silently at this time would be a waste of grand opportunity. It is obvious we need a new way of being,what we have is no longer working and it is up to us to instigate this change. Two parties were created to begin the great divide between us and it surely did that! It is time to do away with anything that promotes division for we are now all about coming together at long last. Keep on keeping on all you pioneers.Get a “End the old Government” group organizing!

Disconnect from the old and plug into the new…Humans reveal their true strength when they can finally embrace the task of becoming the best that they can be rather than becoming lost in the nothingness of materialism.


A Moment Of Clarity….

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I was just outside watching a butterfly glide about on a gentle breeze, the sun filling it with energy so it can continue on it’s search for flower nectar. Here I am on my last half of life still awakening to new understandings. Love it! As I watched the butterfly flitting about, I had what I would call an epiphany of sorts. Now I am sure a great many others have already had this thought and probably much earlier than I, but we get what we get when it is needed. There are a great many things right in front of our faces and yet we do not see them or catch on to their messages right away for whatever reason. If we paid closer attention to our lives perhaps we would not over look the obvious so often.

Here is what came to me: Yes, it is fascinating to realize a caterpillar actually has to die to turn itself into a butterfly, the whole amazing process has been studied by many and awed by everyone. Several summers ago I raised a pupa in a ball jar until the birthing of a beautiful monarch butterfly. It was amazing to witness. What I failed to see until now, the message I received from this butterfly I was watching today, was that there is no need for a debate on whether or not reincarnation exists. What more proof do we need than a caterpillar that dies only to return to life as a butterfly? There is no argument. We all live many lives, improving our existence as we progress along the journey.

The closer we observe nature, the more we reconnect with the deeper meanings of life and are given a road map to follow, if we are wise enough to see. Nature has survived and evolved successfully without war, we should pay attention. Just a thought on a sunny Friday afternoon. Happy weekending to all!

By the way, like the picture says, butterflies inspire us, not only because of their beauty and grace, but because they are a solid reminder that we do indeed die but we also continue on to other lives. Why would creator limit our experience? He wouldn’t.

Have the courage to be different, to be who you really are…

VisionKeeper ❤

August Forecast From Power Path….

Photo Source:  Okay everybody. The forecast for August is out and it looks like we still have work to do. It is time we do it.  A great deal of the confusion we see swirling about in the world is partially due to the confusion we are carrying within ourselves. It is time to reconnect and find comfort and security in who we are. Here is the forecast. Enjoy and thanks to Power Path.