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I first want to express my deepest caring for all those suffering tremendous upheaval and anguish in Texas. My heart goes out to everyone and I can only hope good people with hearts wide open in that area will extend their hand to those who are in need of your help! In trying to find coverage about the storm on TV, I was absolutely APPALLED and DISGUSTED to hear the constant gripping about President Trump for political gain all the while people are dying terrible deaths and have had their entire lives torn apart and devastated. Washington, you will pay dearly at the polls for what you have done! We the people will never forget!

For me who is an Empath, it is almost unbearable to continue living in this country surrounded by this grotesque display of IGNORANCE!!!! I am going to take a short time off to regroup and decide just where I want to be in this world right now. America is not it! It shames me deeply to my core to watch the hypocrisy and grand standing going on by mindless and unqualified politicians and the very sick media egging it all on. Texas I pray for you all and I pray the intelligent people of this country get awakened soon before we all go under, which is exactly where these sick people want to take us….Love and prayers to Texas!   VK ❤


5 thoughts on “Overload….

  1. Hang in there, VK! The continuing, inane infighting and divisiveness are only serving to help wake people up.

    Some of us have only needed a gentle shake on the shoulder and a whisper to rouse us from our sleep. Others may need a bullhorn and a bucket of ice water!

    In either case, the job’s getting done–and those of us who are already wide awake to what’s going on are there to help ease the shock with love and compassion.



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    • Hey Stargazer…Thanks for your thoughts and caring 🙂 Yes, the insanity is waking people up but it does not lessen the pain involved in the process. And for good reason I guess. Quite the journey this has been and fortunately I believe we are getting close to the light at the end of this tunnel…May we all hold on and hold together until such time the doors are unlocked and we are free to go!!! Blessings to you…VK ❤

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