If you are one of the many feeling frustrated by what is going on with our country, the lack of of respect and honor we are seeing and most importantly the imbalance of the rights of the people vs the overreach of Government to control us, then check out this website and activate yourselves to better our situation. Nothing will ever change unless we stand up and push back for our freedom.

We Seem To Be Awakening More Quickly Now….

I was reading this article and I couldn’t help but think we are beginning to see things happen, slowly maybe, but hey, it IS happening! The old saying goes         ” Hard work pays off”. I’m so glad to see these results. Keep on keeping on everybody! To the light!


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I have come to a startling conclusion after much thought today. We as a country are at war with ourselves. Many have bought into our misguided stories that we tell ourselves. Often those stories are negative, shaped by our dysfunctional pasts and they inflict scarring injuries upon us. Each one of us has a story that hitches a ride with us throughout our lifetime. Many times they disrupt our intentions, sending us careening off onto a detour of dysfunction yet again. We are at war with our fellow-man too often. We lack offering our respect and acceptance, caring and compassion. Respect should mean allowing everyone to be who they choose to be, do what they want to do( legally and morally)) and think what we choose to think. This is being kicked aside these days in favor of trying to prove to everyone else that we and our beliefs and ideas are right and their’s is wrong.

For many, our own stories are jaded in parts, perhaps shameful in others and wonderful as well, so to have to take on the weight of our country’s sick stories as well, has become overwhelming to many at times. It is heavy to our hearts and souls, anchoring us to this faltering reality rather than allowing us to fly free. Our stories create wars within ourselves causing great unrest. Our Government is at war with itself, different factions of it fighting against one another rather than working together like the evolved souls that we are if we would only realize it. Our politicians are at war with each other,  classes and races are still at war with one another, our morals are at war with each other, our ideas are at war and even some hearts are at war.  This country as a whole is indeed at war with itself. We know we must change but that seems too daunting for some, and so they hold on to what was rather than taking a peek at what can be.

Can we not see this as a whole? Are we so fractured and splintered that we are losing our abilities to communicate with each other for fear of becoming vulnerable? Our country’s divisions are deep, multifaceted and complex and they are being fueled by divisive rhetoric flaming loudly on radio and television daily.  For sure there is a war raging in this country but how are we going to stop it and find peace?  By finding peace within ourselves first. Peace can only be present when we are in agreement within, we are balanced and doing what we want to be doing, that we believe in ourselves and we care about ourselves. This requires truth upon which to build a strong foundation for ourselves, so it is imperative we embrace truth and abandon falsehood and denial.

I believe it is time to burn the story books we have lived from for so long now. It is time to write a new story for ourselves and for our country. If we remain hostage to the old sad story centered around oppression, war and discontent, we will not grow and expand into who or what we are meant to become next. We are better than this or at least we should be! We have allowed our country to be governed by our heads and not our hearts which has shaped a warring way of life for us. We are being governed by egos who are also at war. The time is right for us to move beyond this limited way of being right now,  but we must be willing to embrace the truth about who we are as a country and who we are as individuals. This calls for courage. Do we have it?

Blessings to all,



Cosmic Weather Report For September…

Cosmic Weather Report

September 2017: Pushing Toward Expression
                                                      by Mark Borax                                                              
Putney Mountain, Vermont
The accent all year has been on royal Jupiter, ruler of the Olympian gods and goddesses that we get the names of our planets and days of the week from. On September 27 at 9:25 pm Eastern US time Jupiter enters opposition to Uranus — a great karma yoga stretch across the solar system in Degree Frequency 28.
By Mikeila Borgia

Jupiter presides over the high blueprint that our soul has come down from spirit to serve. Like migrating butterflies flying from Africa to Santa Cruz, California, when our soul migrates down from the high reaches of spirit an instinctual navigation directive streams through the cells of our body. Even when our conscious attention is diverted by so many other matters this deep migratory instinct to serve our higher purpose remains thrumming in our blood, calling us from a deep interior place to embody our part of the cosmic blueprint. This directive is stitched into your deep-body consciousness and into the consciousness of all things in this living universe. And so the single organism of the human species thrashes about trying to fulfill the purpose of love and change, despite all the counter forces that get in the way. As the King of the Gods Jupiter’s directive is the royal decree that we use our time on earth to creatively do our part in the Whole.

Uranus is the wizard/trickster/unsettler within. Like the major arcana Tower card in a tarot deck, Uranus upends the foundations of structures that may have once served (or not) destined to become obsolete once you awaken to their blockages. The old edifices of your life, old relationships, old stories, old world myths, all form the crumbling edifies of the old that are tottering on the brink all over the world, subject to lightning flashes of sudden illumination of higher consciousness from Uranus.
By Katherine Skaggs

During the karmic stretch that ushers in this autumn both sides of the equation are being hard-pressed to find some new way to break out of the old — those structures you’ve inherited and built that fail to serve your greater purpose of why you came here in the first place will shake and crumble against the greater force of love within a sentient living universe, that you came here to discover your own unique creative place in.

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the Cosmic Weather Report can be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.


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I have a very contentious relationship with money and I don’t think I am alone in feeling this way. I grew up hearing the old saying “Money is the root of all evil” and I assumed there must be merit to it. Then I hear another side in my head saying ” No, it’s not the money, it’s what people do with the money that determines whether it’s bad or good.” Well yes, I believe that up to a point. I think many people fail to see how the influence of money affects us all, we just aren’t conscious of it. Then again we have to add in the fact it affects everybody differently. True again. Now comes the but….BUT, do we REALLY see and understand how it influences our lives?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and reveal painful facts about my life and it scares the hell out of me, but I want to make a point and hope others can see what I am talking about. A quick overview then. I grew up in a physician’s home, it was comfortable and I never remember wanting for anything ( except being loved & accepted for who I was). We were not excessively wealthy by any means, but money was no object lets just say, so I became accustomed to living a certain lifestyle. In 2008 when our corrupt government created the financial crisis that wiped so many people out, I lost a good portion of the money set aside for me to live on. I was in a panic. Because of my inability to work I had depended on that money to survive and had no way to get more if it ran out.

Well, run out it did two years ago. Like a sudden slap to the face I went from living comfortably to not having a cent and now I had to depend on the Government to help me survive. Humiliating is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt about the situation I now found myself in. I carried all the blame and shame for where I now found myself and yet, it wasn’t my fault. Now I planned my outings into town to cover everything I needed to do in one trip to save on gas. I don’t go out and be with people because that involves more driving(gas) and now my budget was very tight. Suddenly I could no longer do all the various things I once took for granted. I struggle to live the lifestyle I have always lived, having to buy my supplements that cost a fortune, but my health is important to me. I struggle to try to continue to eat healthy(organic) but it costs so much money now. I was suddenly getting a bitter taste of reality in my mouth.

When I watched tv I began to notice things I never saw before. Like all the shows that revolve around wealthy living, ads that cater to wealth, products that cater to wealth. You DON”T realize it until you live it. This is what I was finding out the hard way. I see ads everyday for buying gold to protect your money, really? How many people are wealthy enough to buy up extra gold? Most can’t even pay their bills. We don’t even see what we see. Like that old saying ” walk a mile in my moccasins”. Why must we experience something to see and understand it? There must be a reason for this. I guess many people live by the adage “It will never happen to me” and so no thought is given to that subject. But it can happen, it may happen, it did happen to me. Humanity needs to find a way to fill itself with enough compassion so we can understand more and empathize. We should not have to experience something in order to feel it and understand it.

It has been a rude awakening for me and I see the world so differently now. I see how we shut others out by their class, their race, their financial status etc. We judge and we get caught up in thinking the more we have the better people that makes us, the same for money. When you have money you don’t see anything outside of that orbit. It separates us, it isolates us, it divides us into the haves and have-nots. People see overweight low-income people and think poorly of them perhaps but ya know, they don’t have the money or the luxury of eating well. Not only can they not afford it, they don’t have good grocery stores in their neighborhoods. People then say well its their fault for being so violent and aggressive, but how can anyone expect them to act any less when they have so little and their hope is dead? We are well fed and so we don’t see, we don’t live in their neighborhood. That world is not a part of ours and therein lies the problem.

And so the new iPhone came out on the market today and that is all you hear on the tv. How many people have $1000.00 to buy one?  Yet another toy for the wealthy that furthers the divide between us. All that constant chatter about all its new features and yet so many will never own one causing a deeper feeling of “how come I can’t have that too?”  It is so insidious we don’t even see it. I didn’t see any of this until I found myself walking in the moccasins. We are oblivious to so much of life around us I worry if we are going to finally notice. I sure hope so. I wouldn’t wish this way of living on anyone but you gotta do what you gotta do. What I hope most is that we open our eyes and pay closer attention. Make it a challenge to watch the shows or ads and catch the messages being pumped out. Once you take notice, everything changes and there is no turning back. Once you see you can’t unsee it.

Blessings to all,


A Shift….

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A while ago I sensed some sort of shift either underway or approaching us quickly, but it’s presence I could definitely feel. I see it now. I see why there has been so much violent turmoil all about us. We were in the throes of changing and those changes were  urged on greatly by two catastrophic storms. I see change and I hear change afoot. The massive reaction of people helping each other unlike ever before, acts of kindness were noticed by the media and actually mentioned for once, new television shows are coming forth that are about the goodness of people, people helping people etc. Lets face it, I think we must be hungry for that in our life because we know television is all about ratings and profits so there must be a call for this new kind of entertainment. For every awful picture of brainless looters after the storms, the news was talking about what good things had happened much more often. Either there was more good going on than bad or they felt moved to report on the good more often to satisfy a need. A need to feel good again! There is an undercurrent of morality and compassion slipping back in upon humanity.

I believe the betrayal by main stream media in their fake news and lies to the people jostled awake those still sleeping,  forcing them to see a new side of reality they had not been aware of. They are now! There is a humming about the earth now, as if it has reawakened and the engines are once again re-engaged. It was as if we had been on standby mode and now the switch has been flipped. I shall be interested to see how well the new Apple phone will do this time around. While they will always be a part of our lives now, I see people beginning to distance themselves more often from their phones, opting for interaction on a more personal level. I sense the possible beginning of them having less importance in people’s lives or at least a different kind of importance, one more practical and simplified. I sense our self-absorption is easing up a bit.  A new way of being for all of humanity is now underway. Who knows where we will end up next to partake in our next stage of evolution.

We have had our perception bumped up a notch it feels like( Thank you solar flares). We are beginning to see things through different eyes. It seems far more people were thinking of those in harm’s way during the storm and the fact that that could have happened to them rather than tuning it out and thinking that doesn’t have anything to do with me, I don’t live there. We are beginning to understand the simple fact that yes we now must realize everything affects us in one form or another, for we are deeply interconnected. We have taken a step forward and that step may have gotten buried in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma so I just wanted to point it out. We have worked hard and we will continue working hard guiding others out of the dark into the light of truth. Truth is one of the few things in life that always makes us feel good when we put it into action. Our growth is on the move again. Let us rejoice rather than wallow in fear !

Blessings to all,