It Is Right Before Our Eyes….

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I have so much  swirling inside me I don’t know which issues to write about. The entire world is spinning in a whirlpool of chaos and what is really scary, to me anyway, is all the voices crying out asking why?  We already know why, many just don’t want to see it!!!  I was watching this video and could clearly see the message . The ending 3 or 4 minutes of the video seem to be this guys message of God( which is fine ), but I can’t help but disagree gently with him. I say gently because I do NOT want to start a religious fight here, but if it were me giving that message it would be about ourselves, for therein lies the truth and the power. We are disconnected from it because we were led to believe everyone else will save us. God will save us, Government will save us, money will save us, the correct color of our skin will save us, college degrees will save us, our social status will save us…The list is long and sadly incorrect. We must save ourselves! As much as they want us as victims, we are NOT victims!

We have been told over and over again that help is coming in some form or another and we become complacent about our own power and how to nurture it so we can save ourselves. I have spoken before about this, but I wish to say it again, about the state we find ourselves in.  The frightening decline of society we are witnessing right now, is occurring for one simple reason  ( and of course a whole host of sub reasons as well) and that main reason is this: As we are awakening from our ‘slumber by distraction’, deep within, our souls are prodding us to realize at long last that we are trying to live lives being forced upon us, we are not living the lives we would choose for ourselves and this is not the natural scheme of things and we know it, somehow, somewhere deep within! That causes great unrest. Maybe we don’t know consciously, but our very cells are screaming out to us that life is supposed to be ours to create and invent and to thrive from, but such is not the case. We have bought into the lie that the only way to live life successfully is to work 9-5 seven days a week, keep our taxes paid and our lawns cut short and all will be well.

The world is DEPRESSED because it is being held back from being what it chooses to be! Nobody of any class or race or creed is living free in their lives because world governments have seen to that.  We are all squirming because we feel out-of-place, disconnected from ourselves and our purpose, we shuffle along on the conveyor belt of life somewhat like Stepford wives. Some of this is not our fault because we have been brainwashed by Government and Corporations, skillfully led astray by deception, thinking we are doing one thing when in fact in the end we have done something completely opposite. I have come to realize over time just how dangerous television has become and if we do not disconnect  from the daily messages we are having pounded into our heads in often cutesy, artistic ways , the critical, life- saving, fine art of thinking for oneself, vanishes! If this happens, it’s game over. We must awaken now and save our thinking so we can save ourselves!

It does not take a 10 million dollar study by some Government entity to decipher what is going on IF we have awakened enough to realize the life we are living is all a lie, and many do not want to face that. Herein lies the dilemma we are seeing playing out in the highly opinionated media today: riots, mayhem, anger, hatred, lack of empathy, lack of patience or understanding, lack of morality, lack of compassion, aggression etc. Again the list is long. These are each persons confused attempt to voice the unhappiness they feel with life as it is. Dissatisfaction at every level. It has become rampant. These times have become a major turning point, the fork in the road( hence the picture on my blog header for now), the last straw that breaks the camels back. Will society wake up and finally accept the sad fact that we have been played, abused and held captive for an agenda by the few and finally stand up and push back? Will we finally smell freedom outside the window and unlock our doors, will we finally allow ourselves the freedom to be who we want to be in our quest to make the world a better and happier place to live? We shall see….

Blessings to all,