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Cosmic Weather Report

September 2017: Pushing Toward Expression
                                                      by Mark Borax                                                              
Putney Mountain, Vermont
The accent all year has been on royal Jupiter, ruler of the Olympian gods and goddesses that we get the names of our planets and days of the week from. On September 27 at 9:25 pm Eastern US time Jupiter enters opposition to Uranus — a great karma yoga stretch across the solar system in Degree Frequency 28.
By Mikeila Borgia

Jupiter presides over the high blueprint that our soul has come down from spirit to serve. Like migrating butterflies flying from Africa to Santa Cruz, California, when our soul migrates down from the high reaches of spirit an instinctual navigation directive streams through the cells of our body. Even when our conscious attention is diverted by so many other matters this deep migratory instinct to serve our higher purpose remains thrumming in our blood, calling us from a deep interior place to embody our part of the cosmic blueprint. This directive is stitched into your deep-body consciousness and into the consciousness of all things in this living universe. And so the single organism of the human species thrashes about trying to fulfill the purpose of love and change, despite all the counter forces that get in the way. As the King of the Gods Jupiter’s directive is the royal decree that we use our time on earth to creatively do our part in the Whole.

Uranus is the wizard/trickster/unsettler within. Like the major arcana Tower card in a tarot deck, Uranus upends the foundations of structures that may have once served (or not) destined to become obsolete once you awaken to their blockages. The old edifices of your life, old relationships, old stories, old world myths, all form the crumbling edifies of the old that are tottering on the brink all over the world, subject to lightning flashes of sudden illumination of higher consciousness from Uranus.
By Katherine Skaggs

During the karmic stretch that ushers in this autumn both sides of the equation are being hard-pressed to find some new way to break out of the old — those structures you’ve inherited and built that fail to serve your greater purpose of why you came here in the first place will shake and crumble against the greater force of love within a sentient living universe, that you came here to discover your own unique creative place in.

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Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

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