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I have come to a startling conclusion after much thought today. We as a country are at war with ourselves. Many have bought into our misguided stories that we tell ourselves. Often those stories are negative, shaped by our dysfunctional pasts and they inflict scarring injuries upon us. Each one of us has a story that hitches a ride with us throughout our lifetime. Many times they disrupt our intentions, sending us careening off onto a detour of dysfunction yet again. We are at war with our fellow-man too often. We lack offering our respect and acceptance, caring and compassion. Respect should mean allowing everyone to be who they choose to be, do what they want to do( legally and morally)) and think what we choose to think. This is being kicked aside these days in favor of trying to prove to everyone else that we and our beliefs and ideas are right and their’s is wrong.

For many, our own stories are jaded in parts, perhaps shameful in others and wonderful as well, so to have to take on the weight of our country’s sick stories as well, has become overwhelming to many at times. It is heavy to our hearts and souls, anchoring us to this faltering reality rather than allowing us to fly free. Our stories create wars within ourselves causing great unrest. Our Government is at war with itself, different factions of it fighting against one another rather than working together like the evolved souls that we are if we would only realize it. Our politicians are at war with each other,  classes and races are still at war with one another, our morals are at war with each other, our ideas are at war and even some hearts are at war.  This country as a whole is indeed at war with itself. We know we must change but that seems too daunting for some, and so they hold on to what was rather than taking a peek at what can be.

Can we not see this as a whole? Are we so fractured and splintered that we are losing our abilities to communicate with each other for fear of becoming vulnerable? Our country’s divisions are deep, multifaceted and complex and they are being fueled by divisive rhetoric flaming loudly on radio and television daily.  For sure there is a war raging in this country but how are we going to stop it and find peace?  By finding peace within ourselves first. Peace can only be present when we are in agreement within, we are balanced and doing what we want to be doing, that we believe in ourselves and we care about ourselves. This requires truth upon which to build a strong foundation for ourselves, so it is imperative we embrace truth and abandon falsehood and denial.

I believe it is time to burn the story books we have lived from for so long now. It is time to write a new story for ourselves and for our country. If we remain hostage to the old sad story centered around oppression, war and discontent, we will not grow and expand into who or what we are meant to become next. We are better than this or at least we should be! We have allowed our country to be governed by our heads and not our hearts which has shaped a warring way of life for us. We are being governed by egos who are also at war. The time is right for us to move beyond this limited way of being right now,  but we must be willing to embrace the truth about who we are as a country and who we are as individuals. This calls for courage. Do we have it?

Blessings to all,



6 thoughts on “War…

  1. An excellent write VK.. So true.. We are at war with ourselves.. And as much as I want to believe more are waking up to themselves.. I also think many can not handle what they are finding..
    May we indeed start to find a new story in which we want our world to progress, and not wait until the ashes surround us before we rise..

    Love and Mega Hugs my friend..
    I have been busy navigating my own internal battles.. Finding Peace among the cabbages and Solace in my writing..
    Clearing and cleansing out lots more debris that has laid dormant within.. But at last I feel coming to a better place..
    One that sees, I can only change ME.. as much as want to change and show others.. We are all of us upon our own journeys, So While I try… Deep within I KNOW… The only one I can raise up, is Me.. And as sad I feel about Humanity, I can only live in— there is that word again ( Hope ) that the more we work upon ourselves.. Then we are in fact helping work upon the masses..

    Sending Huge amounts of LOVE your way VK… Keep on Keeping on dear friend.. Yes we are tired.. But deep within we are changing the only one we can.. And that is ourselves…

    Hugs and Love ❤ DW

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    • So glad those cabbages are being kind to you 🙂 Yes, I think many are away these days being busy within themselves. I hope so anyway. The layers of the onion just keep on appearing waiting to be torn away. It seems endless but then again it has taken us eons to build it all into who we became. Lots to do. To be honest though, I do wish we were witnessing more change taking place. It feels like we are still on the same hamster wheel we were on before 😦 Gotta just keep pushing forward I guess. Hang in there sweet lady and be peaceful within. Love and so much more…VK ❤

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      • Yes hanging in there VK.. Its a world that the Native American Indians long foretold.. And we have come to that fork in the road.. We know which way we are turning.. Its up to others to set their compass and find their direction.. New Earth is what we make it.. And I am trying to bow out of the old reality.. With a few last attempts to alert others to their path..
        But we can only change ourselves at the end of the day.. We can lead a horse to water, but we can not make it drink.. xx And I so thank you VK for helping me along my own journey and lifting me when I was down.. Together we shall find that place of Peace.. We have been the stepping stones to awaken others to question themselves.. Setting in motion the steps needed for that final push.. .. Keep focused upon your internal spirit… For it has held us through thick and thin.. And it it will be called upon very soon I am sure.. xxx LOVE and Blessings my friend.. ❤

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    • Ah no, thank YOU DW…..It has been an amazing journey and a pleasure to have found your site 🙂 Yep, we were trained into looking outside to keep us oblivious to the work needing to be done within. It was just a matter of time before we figured it out. But, we did and we have awakened and we are on our way. Like that old saying ” You can’t put the tooth paste back into the tube”. Bet they’re sorry….Look out world, here comes the LIGHT! Off to town. Be well and have a great week…Hugs…VK ❤

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