We Seem To Be Awakening More Quickly Now….

I was reading this article and I couldn’t help but think we are beginning to see things happen, slowly maybe, but hey, it IS happening! The old saying goes         ” Hard work pays off”. I’m so glad to see these results. Keep on keeping on everybody! To the light!

4 thoughts on “We Seem To Be Awakening More Quickly Now….

  1. Tired I guess. This exchange of thoughts here used to keep me going as I wanted to make a difference, but with only one or two people commenting and reading my posts now it is beginning to feel more like work than pleasure. It makes me feel why bother sometimes. But like I said, I’m just tired today as well. My brain is refusing to take anything more in. The crap going on in this country is depressing as heck and it continues to get worse not better. Great hatred suffocating this country. Very sad to witness.Lots of petty,BS we have to listen to Time for a little good news from the change dept…..Seeing a few good results would be nice….I will keep on as you well know. Just a low day. It is 90 degrees and HIGH humidity as they are now trying to get things so dry they can create forest fires. It never ends. Thanks DW for being you 🙂 Love…VK ❤


    • More won’ be reading itt here I’m afraid….No comments or interactions from readers anymore leaves me thinking it is time to move on and hope for the best. Guess my message no longer hits the spot. The world is confused I think. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts as always. You’ve been a faithful friend. Hard times always show you who is truly with you….Be well friend and know I’m thinking of ya! Love & Hugs..VK ❤

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