Reality Beckons….

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What an isolated, suppressed world we live in, at the same time we call ourselves free. I will admit it has been quite vindicating watching what has been happening recently  and who its been happening too. This exposure of the truth about the elite has been a long time coming. Unfortunately we still have a long way to go. For now people are being called out and truths are being exposed because people got sloppy, increasing their possibilities for error. When we finally call people out because we’ve had enough and demand better, not because they got caught, then the world will change.

At the moment the main attention of lawmakers is the Opioid crisis, as it is being dubbed. There we go again with attaching fancy labels to our problems. The old lipstick on the pig  routine.  I am a big picture thinker and so I am always wandering way outside the box and searching for core issues to solve problems, not Band- Aids for boo boo’s. The core issues are where the answers lie and in order to locate them one must dig fearlessly deep. The core issues are what created the problems in the first place and yet Government never seems to look there for answers.  This is because these elite entities really don’t want the problems solved because they are somehow profiting from it in one way or the other. A great deal of our Government runs on these concepts because our Government is now run by corporations. Profit over people is their mantra.

Nobody asks WHY so many people are becoming addicted. What are they running away from? Why has life become so unbearable for people? Because we are NOT living the lives were meant to live. Our lives have been hijacked for profits as well. People are struggling to get along everyday because they are struggling with having to try to live a life everyday that is not true to who they are. It is a CONSTANT swim up the river during a flash flood! People do not realize this is what is going on most of the time, they just know life isn’t working for them. They feel like they are walking around everyday in shoes two times too small for their feet. Discomfort! They may not be able to put a name to what is wrong in their lives exactly, but they just sense something is not right Guess what? It’s not!

Back in 1913  a small group of extremely wealthy men gathered to create the Federal Reserve as a way to control the flow of money to the one percent and to keep the 99% struggling and working hard like slaves to attain the false dream that we too could be wealthy one day. Occasionally that may occur, but lets face it, it’s not a common occurrence! We need to see the truth here at the core of this world crisis. We are working 9-5 everyday because we were told this was how it had to be, and yet we are meant to be living FREE! Living lives that express who we are, what we want, creating a life story written by us, not by the elite.

Forever now we have plugged along everyday 9-5 working at whatever job we can get, we pay our bills and exorbitant taxes, buy our necessities and rarely have anything left to save. So we work harder and longer hours to make more money, but a funny thing happens, we don’t get any richer. This game has been going on forever and they have been distracting us with their shiney baubles so we don’t catch on. Keep them busy, always on the go and they will never know. BUT, we’re catching on and we don’t like it!

We can feel the wrongness of life but we can’t name it and we’re not sure how to make things right. This has become yet another man-made disaster that has begun to backfire. It is like what happens when you physically try to re-direct the flow of water. Eventually it will always come back to where it first began. We know in our guts we are meant to be free-living, thinking beings here to express ourselves. The enslavement of the planet was not what we had in mind when we came here. We are witnessing ourselves rebelling against this way of life that has been forced down our throats. All of the escape hatches we have built into life for ourselves no longer offer us a way out.

Are we as a species just going to succumb to the tyranny? Don’t we think that maybe, just maybe, we are here to make things right at long last? It seems to me the best way to accomplish this difficult task is by disconnecting from the world the elite has created. It’s broken, it’s corrupt and it’s a sinking ship in high seas. Don’t be sucked down with it. Become as self-sufficient as you can, stop putting money into corporate pockets by stopping mindless shopping to fill a void only YOU can fill. You are what you are searching for. The real you, the free you, the happy you. Those feelings come from a life well lived. Are you living yours to its fullest? Do you come first or does your career? These are the tough questions we MUST begin asking ourselves. If life isn’t working it’s time to change it!

Everyone is running out to purchase the new iPhone 10 but it surely will not fill their voids within. We are being hooked and dragged in by subtle suggestions that are constantly placed into our minds.  Instead of just listening to their garbage, listen to your soul within. Humanity has been hoodwinked into thinking this is how it has to be! If we stop buying things, if we reconnect with nature and the calm it brings us, if we put down our phones and begin interacting with physical life again things will begin to shift. The change begins with us all disconnecting and creating new ways of living for ourselves. We can manage quite nicely without them but they don’t want us to know. We are so much more than we ever realized. It’s time to finally find out.

Blessings to all…..



Freeing Our Hearts…

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What message are we receiving from a reality spiraling out of control around us? The message is we must put our love and compassion out into the world and try to begin to heal it. The world is collapsing in on itself from a severe lack of compassion and caring for one another. In order to combat the darkness attempting to over take our confused and traumatized world, we must allow ourselves to become vulnerable, to feel our fears and face the truth of our realities, for only then are we truly free to offer our love and compassion to a world that so desperately needs it. We have lived with tension and discord in our lives for so long now we no longer even feel its presence in our bodies. Feeling unsettled and on edge has become the norm and because of this we are suffering greatly from tragedy and exhaustion. It seems since time began we have been given the message that Love is the answer and yet somehow we ignore it.

We have existed in this Patriarchal world long enough. It offers us nothing but war, division, dominance, corruption, hate, fear, inequality and greed. It is time to balance out this reality with a feminine mindset that can soften the sharp edges of our world now controlled by the egos of the male gender. The time to acknowledge human compassion has come, universal caring from the heart that can raise up humanity out of the lowly vibrations it has been drowning in. Love and caring for ourselves and others is what raises up our vibrations, and in doing so we raise up other vibrations around  us. If we wish peace and compassion in the world, it is time to finally unlock our well guarded hearts and allow them to fly free and rejoice. The fear vibration is located near the bottom of the Human Consciousness list and sadly this is where the majority of the world seems to be residing right now. Fly free! Find your own happiness and claim it, embrace who you are! If everybody were to find a way to fly free and embrace who they are happily, the world would be a very different world.

Remove the lid from the glass jar that entombs your heart and let it fly free into the cosmos. It’s energy will join millions of others and soon the world will begin to raise itself to a higher level of consciousness where peace can make its home.

Blessings to all,


A Tale Of Two Worlds…

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I’m kind of going out on a limb here today in what I wish to speak about. I have been observing  some very disturbing dialogue swirling wildly about in the air these days  and I just feel compelled to address it. Mindless, belittling, destructive rhetoric is what is making day to day living so stressful these days. So much hostility, such cut throat behavior, and a frightening lack of compassion or insight. I know personally there are times when I was just shocked by what is happening to this country. I have tried to make sense of it but I am often left dumbfounded. I feel at times as if I am in the twilight zone. Not a whole lot of what is going on around me is making any sense to me at all. To try and make sense of this it has become my belief  that we are, at this moment in time, experiencing a revolution in human consciousness.  It is subtle in many ways but it is occurring. The crudeness being displayed by people has reached its peak and I believe most of us have had enough of it. We are choosing to stretch beyond this space in time to something better. When the people we hear talking trigger us in the wrong way, they are simply in a different dimension, in the sense our perceptions about life are radically different. It is like trying to communicate in a foreign language. There is little to no understanding verbally of what is being said. The same goes for different levels of consciousness interacting at times because we are on such different levels.

I believe many are finding it incredibly frustrating to deal with this increasing inability and wariness  to connect with people because of the political correctness narrative, but it need not be this way. Once we take the time to understand why people are doing what they are doing we can release that frustration. It is a grand lesson for us to learn that it is time to accept things for what they are. There is no right way or wrong way. This is a time when humanity is being called upon to take a giant step forward and rise above where we have been stuck for so long. It is time to breathe fresh air and embrace new thinking, to let go of what was and embrace what is. What is, is what is happening every second of every day, it is the now, it is where we get to experience real living  in connection with all that is. Many no longer remember how to stay connected with all the messaging we are barraged with daily dividing us all and driving us apart.  This is why nature is so powerful to our healing process, it offers calm and stillness that can soothe us . Nature will always connect with us and expects nothing in return.

We are living in that long talked about time of living in two worlds. What is being labeled partisanship seems to be in fact two sets of beings coexisting in different dimensions of consciousness. Again there is no wrong or right, there is only what is. So we find ourselves living amongst people we can’t relate to any more because we do not share the same levels of perception and understanding, people who think so radically different than we do, but coexist we must. It is our lesson to be learned, the lesson of how to coexist peacefully together as one. It makes me think of those flocks of birds who fly about switching directions together instantly. The spectacle cannot happen unless they are all on the same wave length.

Until that miraculous time we become one, we must learn how to disconnect from what brings us down and  create our own positive worlds in which to live and try to make the world better by starting with our own back yards. I was extremely moved by General Kelly’s speech yesterday in response to the vile attack on President Trump by that Congress woman from Florida and the respect and understanding he radiated out into the world. Immediately he was attacked by the other party and criticized and normally I would be outraged, but I see now it is just another case of the mindset of that other world, that other dimension. I’m just glad I am not stuck there with them. I choose to do my best to make the world a more cohesive, loving and peaceful place by my actions everyday.

As crazy as these times may seem, we must pay close attention because we are being taught important lessons we must master. We are so far astray right now, strung out on drugs and alcohol, killing one another, lacking essential morals and having no hope.  It is time to remember why we are here, who we are and what we need to do. The chaos is nothing more than a movie showing us where we are going wrong and it is up to us to figure out how to correct things and do it. It means we must pay attention and act if we wish to save ourselves. Everyday new information emerges about corruption and lies and we are all having our realities shaken to the core. Our foundations are crumbling away but we need not be afraid. This is all a good sign that major change is underway and where we go next is up to each of us. We can choose to live in a world of chaos or peace, lies or truth, division or oneness, hate or love. Thankfully we are given the gift of choice.

So please have no fear and learn to accept what is. It is not an easy thing to do but it certainly makes life flow more easily. We have been raised in a world where everything must be right and so we constantly struggle against ‘what is’ in our efforts to make it what we are told it should be to be right. It is what it is, good or bad! If it’s good rejoice, if it’s bad stay strong and look for the good hidden within it. It is always there to teach us. We only have ourselves to truly count on so we best make sure we are strongly connected within. Trust in yourself and eventually the world will trust in each other.

Blessings to all,