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It saddens me deeply to have to offer my prayers yet again to more innocent people whose lives have been cut short  and for no worthy reason. These killings we continue to witness both here and abroad must be stopped! Now unlike ever before humanity is in dire need of raising it’s consciousness above the dark energies of the 3rd dimension. We can do nothing to change our situation until we change how we think!!!! We are thinking small when we MUST learn how to think BIG and OUTSIDE THE BOX! If we remain stuck in this quicksand and do nothing to create change as a whole, humanity will end as we know it.  Prayers and love and compassion for all those in Las Vegas and beyond.     VK ❤

One thought on “Prayers…

  1. Yes it is a world full of conflict, And my prayers also have been offered VK.. I have been trying to keep from its vibration of late.. Doing more knitting.. And tending our garden..
    I am trying my best to create my own little piece of New Earth.. Not always successful, but trying to keep within a bubble..

    I hope all is well with you my lovely friend… We knew it was going to get bad.. I wonder just how bad, bad will be, before people will wake up to what is going on..
    Sending much love as we keep working through our own layers.. I am afraid the USA has many such layers still to peel.. As do the rest of the world..
    Lots of love my friend.. Take care of You… You are thought of often, How is that book of yours going??
    I have been thinking of putting my poems together in a collection.. I have made a start of sorts by sorting into categories but that’s as far as I have got..
    If only to leave it in print for our Granddaughter.. I feel the time is now right..

    Love and Blessings..
    Sue ❤ xxx


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