Change Is Upon Us….

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Fall leaves blow about in the wind, a cooler wind as winter creeps ever closer to the back door. You can smell autumn in the air, dry, crispy leaves blanketing the ground baking in the sunshine. Some trees are already half bare from a lack of rain. You can see the shift in seasons underway as the afternoons get darker sooner and night-time temperatures begin to drop. Change is upon us all. It is not only the weather and seasons making change, it is humanity and all the old outdated systems trying to maintain their control. Deep state is desperate and dangerous right now, they are not going quietly into the good night.

As leaves change colors and the air chills down, we need to stop and take note of our changes as well. Many have been on serious journeys within trying to find balance and clarity in their lives. We are being shown daily all of the lies and cover-ups that have gone on forever that are finally being exposed. I’m sure all of these revelations are very unsettling for many,  they challenge deeply our beliefs about reality for we are beginning to see so much of our lives have all been a lie. In coming to terms with this disturbing fact do not take on any blame whatsoever. We have all been hoodwinked but many are now opening their eyes and are finding ways to adjust. We need to discover new ways of being in the world because we no longer match with what we were. This is what is creating so much friction in the air. Do not feel afraid.

Just as the animals go off quietly to sleep away winter or they fly south to warmer climates, we should go quietly off as well and work on releasing all of the bad habits we were taught in the old reality.  We need to learn how to navigate in a world of no judgment, tamed egos, and embracing simplicity, compassion and the connection it brings. In actuality we are simple beings who have been driven into complex lives  with little or no time to begin to understand them or what they are doing to us in the end. We stumble through life not feeling truly settled because we are not living our lives as our souls wish us to live them. It becomes a constant tug of war within to do what we want to do but we are being told we have to be something else. That is the final war we are watching being waged right now. A battle for our souls but we will never surrender them.

As the leaves blow about in the autumn breezes and a change of seasons has arrived, world change has arrived as well. The elite walls of protection they have hidden behind for so long now are falling down, we are awakening and stark cold truth is settling in. It is time to move forward! Let us end the old outdated and divisive forms of governing and embrace fresh minds, new ideas and a final release of the old. We can be so much more than we are right now if we drop all the drama. We were NOT born cruel, or mean or greedy or violent, we have been shaped over time by being told what to believe, by being shown violence and death everyday on our televisions, in the movies, and our morals have been broken and our hopes have been smashed. But we SURVIVED! We are aware now of who and what to watch out for, we know now to listen only to ourselves and believe only what our hearts tell us. We know now it is time to be who we want to be and join together with everybody else learning how to be who they want to be as well. It is a new season and a new life ahead. The change is underway and there is no stopping it! Surrender and peace will follow…

Blessings to all,