Freeing Our Hearts…

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What message are we receiving from a reality spiraling out of control around us? The message is we must put our love and compassion out into the world and try to begin to heal it. The world is collapsing in on itself from a severe lack of compassion and caring for one another. In order to combat the darkness attempting to over take our confused and traumatized world, we must allow ourselves to become vulnerable, to feel our fears and face the truth of our realities, for only then are we truly free to offer our love and compassion to a world that so desperately needs it. We have lived with tension and discord in our lives for so long now we no longer even feel its presence in our bodies. Feeling unsettled and on edge has become the norm and because of this we are suffering greatly from tragedy and exhaustion. It seems since time began we have been given the message that Love is the answer and yet somehow we ignore it.

We have existed in this Patriarchal world long enough. It offers us nothing but war, division, dominance, corruption, hate, fear, inequality and greed. It is time to balance out this reality with a feminine mindset that can soften the sharp edges of our world now controlled by the egos of the male gender. The time to acknowledge human compassion has come, universal caring from the heart that can raise up humanity out of the lowly vibrations it has been drowning in. Love and caring for ourselves and others is what raises up our vibrations, and in doing so we raise up other vibrations around  us. If we wish peace and compassion in the world, it is time to finally unlock our well guarded hearts and allow them to fly free and rejoice. The fear vibration is located near the bottom of the Human Consciousness list and sadly this is where the majority of the world seems to be residing right now. Fly free! Find your own happiness and claim it, embrace who you are! If everybody were to find a way to fly free and embrace who they are happily, the world would be a very different world.

Remove the lid from the glass jar that entombs your heart and let it fly free into the cosmos. It’s energy will join millions of others and soon the world will begin to raise itself to a higher level of consciousness where peace can make its home.

Blessings to all,