Designing A New World…

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I realize a great deal of what we are observing these days worldwide is chaos, yet underneath it all, if you look closely, you will see new life emerging from the rubble. We have always known that the old ways would have to be dismantled before we could be begin to build a new and better way of ‘being’ in our roles as human beings. It is time for us to figure out who we want to be and how we can begin to design such a world. I for one have looked closely at what matters most to me in life, how I can be better at who I am, and I chose to write my own Life Covenants to live by. Imagine if every individual did the same thing and made a concerted effort to live by them, what would happen in the world. All it takes is faithfully living by the covenants you choose and in time, others will do the same and a new way of being is born. It’s worth a try, better than where we are at now!

             Life Covenants For Living In A New World

1.Respect all life and the personal journey each is on.

2. Learn to LISTEN. First with your heart, then with your ears.

3. Practice mindful living. Plug back into living each moment fully and stop living on auto pilot. Pay attention and ask questions!

4. Allow yourself to become vulnerable so you can be authentic. Look upon vulnerability as a gift offering valuable insights rather than fearing feeling the discomfort it creates. Discomfort is temporary, insights can be life altering.

5. Always ask yourself if what you are about to say is uplifting/inspiring/helpful and if it is not, remain silent.

6. Always look for how you can make the world better, not how the world can make you better.

7. Always speak the truth! Dishonesty destroys the foundation of life.

8. Stop always needing to be right. That is ego taking control of your heart.

9. Face your fears boldly. Running from them gives them power. To face our fears not only solves the problem, it frees our soul and gives us strength and courage!

10. Let go of needing to be in control. Being in control destroys our ability to be vulnerable and vulnerability is what makes us true to who we are. While vulnerability often creates discomfort and uncertainty, in the end if we embrace it, courage blooms, we rise above the fear and discover who we really are.

11. Always be kind and gentle. It is a welcoming attribute that offers people a genuine caring that uplifts all souls and encourages our hearts.

12. Be Loving! What you give out comes back around. There is no other emotion as fulfilling as love!

Blessings and love to all,