Facing Our Truths…

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I am truly amazed when I sit back and watch the behavior of society right now.  It is stunning, at times, worrisome and often frustrating. What makes it so frustrating to me is knowing and understanding what kind of psychological programming has been taking place for eons now and seeing the effects it has had on humanity. I do not include the link above to speak to conspiracy theories or to promote further a ‘us versus them’ mentality. I offer the link to show people truth and to try to find an explanation as to why we are doing and thinking what we are these days. The intrusion into our thoughts and minds has been subtle, so subtle in fact we never even realized how we were being manipulated. The best way not to be manipulated is to turn off the black box and begin to think for ourselves as best we can under the circumstances.

Lets look at emotions and how we have all been trained to regard them in certain ways. Many now thankfully realize from todays television insanity that we are being manipulated by fear to achieve planned agendas. Fear is a tool the has been used for control for a very long time. Create a (problem) that frightens the people and then threaten their safety (reaction) and follow-up by offering a (solution) to save the day. It’s probably the oldest trick in the play book.  It is easier to see and understand, it’s visible. Far more subtle is judgment. We have been led down a very dark path here with judgment.

We are not born as miniature human beings with judgment. It is ingrained in us over time, lots of time. We were programmed into believing skin color makes us not only different, but less worthy. Even religions preach fear which creates judgment. ” God-fearing men” are devoted followers. Really? Early on we were being told to fear God. Sadly we have been taught what to regard as ” Normal” and what to regard as “Abnormal”.  For a very long time it was thought women are inferior, not equal and deserving of acceptance. Thankfully we fought back on that one! The most grotesque programming we deal with today is not race or gender but rather mental illness. An illness to be shunned, cautious of, frightened by, and most sadly of all, people should not be accepted as a whole and precious human being. Subtle teachings have taught us to keep our distance and be wary. How tragic.

Shunning mental illness has created an environment where people must hide, not speak out, not be themselves and accept that they are less than others. This hideous act of judging has been used to separate us into groups, to question each other and worst of all not trust one another. This sick programming has led to the unrest today where people with issues are shunned and given the message ” You are  imperfect therefore not acceptable to society. ” How cruel can we be? Mental illness( I hate that word) has become the bane of societies existence. We isolate ourselves from it by shunning those afflicted and not even trying to understand them. We can see where this behavior is getting us. Isolated, confused and disturbed people eventually give up on life and act out, desperate for recognition. Few people are there for them backing them up, offering hope. They are isolated and alone.

Shame is another emotion we have been led astray with. It has been made into a sign of weakness, an issue to not talk about, an embarrassment etc. I guarantee every human being experiences shame at one time or another in their life. It is inevitable. Sadly it has been made into something unacceptable, shameful and yet we all encounter it sooner or later. We beat ourselves up over shame, we carry shame like a heavy weight upon our shoulders through our lives and we feel guilt. Because we judge shame in others as unacceptable we rightly assume we will not be accepted either if we feel shame so do not mention it. If we fear being judged by others it’s because we judge others ourselves. We are well aware that it happens, a lot! We all do it to one degree or another, but it is important to be aware of when we judge and try to stop doing it. A world without judgment would be heaven.

I wrote a post a while ago in which I spoke about my anxiety I have to deal with. It was freeing to me to be able to put a voice to what I have had to struggle with my whole life, and yet, as I feared, I lost a lot of readers. That’s okay, I can live with that, what I can’t live with is what is becoming of our society because we allow other people to think for us, tell us how we should feel, tell us what is right or wrong, tell us how we should live and who we should be. Obviously I have some intelligence and am able to form words into stories that others read. I am a very kind and giving soul who’s main wish in life is to help others in need and make the world a better place. I am a good person and a huge believer in truth. Why should I frighten people? Because we have been taught how we should regard others, with or without issues. Millions should be shunned I guess for being anxious, because millions of people have anxiety.

I realize it is an uncomfortable topic for many to talk about just as race is and inequality and therein lies our problem! We have been taught to shy away rather than open our arms and help each other. We have isolated huge segments of society because of the beliefs we’ve been taught and amazingly  we never even question whether those beliefs are true or not! We are told what we are told and go along with it. In the end we are being made to view life through tainted lenses, we are separated, we no longer think for ourselves. I am not the boogie man nor is the person down the street or sitting next to you on the bus. We are all humans with our own personal crosses to bear and all people want is to be accepted for who they are, different or not. We have a lot of work to do if we choose to shift our consciousness and better the world. Time to get down and dirty with the truth of the world and find new ways of better interacting with it.

Blessings and love to all,