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Cosmic Weather Report

November 2017:
Big Black Cat on the Prowl
                                                      by Mark Borax                                                              
Putney Mountain, Vermont
 by Haciomeroglu Omerh
by Haciomeroglu Omerh

As we enter the last trimester of the Year of the Rooster, a year designed to bring high visions and dreams to uplift the delusions of the current age, we get an added burst of intensity this month from Pluto, Guardian of the Underworld.

Through November Pluto prowls around the 18th degree of Capricorn, the sign that rules governments and world structures, which we now see crumbling all around the world. The Chandra symbol for 18 Capricorn is A black leopard with green eyes.
“He sees inside. He penetrates appearances with the most implacable determination, and goes about his business of getting down to what counts and discarding the rest…He is a patroller, a vigil keeper, a watching one…What he is most obsessed with is making sure we get where we’re going, and we can be less interfered with by the dark ones than we would otherwise be. He’s  protective fellow, the one who intends the very best.” ~ Ellias Lonsdale
This is the large feline manifestation of the Lord of the Dead, whose job is to slay outmoded ideas, obsolete structures, and corrupt power figures that block the free future of the species. His job is to sweep the past out of the way and make way for love. And to guard and protect the living future dying to be born inside our species because, let’s face it, our race is undergoing the death that must precede all resurrection.
The Bavarian Triple Goddess

It takes a lot of love to stand up to the hate of our time, and Pluto in the black leopard form launches a blazing feline pounce upon lies spewed by the Left and by the Right.

It takes immense spiritual centering to hold calm during the prolonged death throes of the past. As the old expires we need visionaries, poets, artists and dreamers to step forward and become leaders, for the old leaders are insane and must be stripped of their moral and legal right to control our minds. The soul is calling and there’s no time to waste. Find what must die within you and all around you and offer it up to the gods. Find what you love and anchor it into your life. Claim your right to find the truth of your soul and follow it through this excruciating and sacred changing of the guard.
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

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