Mind Wars…

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I have always been one to question everything.  I like to find the core issues of something so I can hopefully better understand what I’m dealing with. Generally the push back we sometimes feel in life  doesn’t just happen, it happens as a result of other things happening before hand that lead up to the final result. I like to play the old ‘connect the dots’ game and one needs to be truthfully informed in order to play so I do my research. I think the biggest and most dominant question I have right now is “How can we urge society as a whole to shift and desire to become more than we are now?” Right now we are groveling for the bread crumbs and we surely should be eating the whole loaf.

A good deal of what makes these times so frustrating and frightening is realizing there are two separate mindsets being fought over and a whole lot is at stake for the winner. Do we desire more war, greed, corruption, lies and control, or do we desire our freedom to become who WE wish to be, peacefully? There is a large faction of the Government ( the swamp/elites/deep state etc.) that wishes desperately to keep control of the old ways so their entitled lives can continue, and this is where the battle lies, the front lines if you will. This reminds me of the Hundredth Monkey Book I read years ago. There is a great deal of exposure of wrong doing coming out quickly now throughout the Elites world and Political world. It is breathtaking to fully grasp the depths of corruption and it makes me wonder how we made it this far. Will enough of us finally realize the truth and tip the scales to a new way of being so everyone follows?

I think the biggest question we all need to ask ourselves and find answers to is “Why do we think and act the way we do as humans today?”  Because we are being taught or instructed around the clock through false news, TV ads, social media, Hollywood, school rooms etc. There is little free thinking going on right now. Life has become all about profits vs loss, control vs sharing,  understanding vs judging, reaching out to others vs pulling back. So if somebody else is in control of our thinking on so many complex levels, what do we do? We take back our minds, think for ourselves vs letting Government do everything so we must be beholding to them, stand our ground and do what we wish to do with our life. Stop trying to fit into their mold of what their world should be like. It is OUR world and we will all do as we like while respecting all others as we do so. They seem to feel we must live up to their standards but have you ever asked “Who set these standards anyway and shouldn’t they be updated frequently to avoid becoming stuck in old patterns that may not work?” Their standards surely are not my standards.

It is so important to see clearly where we find ourselves in this amazing moment. Yes part of what is going on is a power struggle gone awry, and a good part of finding the answers is dependent upon humanity waking up and seeing the illusions we have been living under.  If we continue our zombie march through life not questioning anything and just doing as we are told,  we humans will waste this precious opportunity to evolve into a new and better way of being in the world. If we can’t admit to ourselves and face the fact we have been lied to forever and start digging for the truth at long last and applying truth to our own lives, who will we become? Hopefully we begin by not taking everything we are told as stone cold truth and learn the fine art of questioning and digging and following the dots. It’s the only way we can find our way to our cores for answers. Who am I? Am I me because of how I have been trained to think and believe, therefore that is who I am, or am I me because this is the real me, unencumbered by societies demands and expectations according to whomever made up the rules?

It makes me think of a maze, running down the pathways only to find dead ends and having to go in another direction. One question you ask yourself may lead you in a whole new direction and a new understanding of why you are the way you are and a whole new pathway to discover. Now with that advancement of self-knowledge will come new questions and so we continue to dive deep, It does not end for we are forever evolving into new beings, otherwise how will we truly know ourselves? I think a good portion of the human race are living lives disconnected from who they TRULY are, they are shells waiting to be filled, hollow without substance. We were never taught about introspection and the value of self. If we owned ourselves we could not be controlled and so began our separation from self and only now are we beginning to question the validity of this. We know there is more to life and we hunger for it!

This is a time for rediscovering life from a new perspective for all of humanity with greater depth and curiosity. A lack of curiosity speaks to disconnection, a lack of interest, boredom with life as we know it. We know instinctively that humanity is ready to jump ahead into new territory.  We long for change, we long to finally matter, we long to grow into new and more compassionate beings who think and question and participate in the life process because we are excited to! We are so close to the edge of jumping off into the unknown in search of a more meaningful way to live. Don’t let your mind get stolen because you weren’t paying attention. We didn’t know all this time that our minds were being stolen but now we do! Think for yourself, say what you feel, do what excites you, be who you really are.

Blessings to all,


4 thoughts on “Mind Wars…

  1. “We are so close to the edge of jumping off into the unknown in search of a more meaningful way to live.”
    One….two…..three! Jump!!! 🙂

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  2. Yeah AR….The days of following the sheep herd are over! At the core of all of the worlds unrest lies the fact we have never been free to be who we wish to be minus judgment. We were taught how to follow early on and were made painfully aware if we were not following properly. Sick. If we were suddenly given our true freedom I don’t think many would even know what to do with it. Continue to stay true to yourself AR….Blessings to you…VK ❤


  3. I am proud to be who I am and not what others want me to be. I’ve worked hard years and years to find me and once found, I will not allow anyone to steal me again. My mind is MINE. And that is the way that will stay as well. I have been slowing down and getting involved more in what is important and uplifting to me. Most of my family have pushed me away because I refuse to play their game or to be who they want me to be. That’s OK. I’m finding others who like me exactly for who I am. Great post, VK! Thank you!

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