More Than Just Survival…

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As I talk to people and watch people these days I have noticed a sort of hazy window between them and their world. Their eyes reflect it because they are mostly blank, no spark or twinkle dancing about. Their shoulders droop downward and often their head will droop down as well. There seems to be little excitement in them and they all look tired. These are people who are surviving, NOT living fully their lives. They scrape by each month paying bills if they are lucky, they put food on their table if they are lucky, they often go without in order to provide what is needed for others. There is a lack of laughter and joy in their voices because they are consumed with just ‘getting by’ and not having joy in their life.

Now of course this is a generalization I’m speaking about as I am certain there are other people in the world who  daily interact with their lives on a happy note, but a great many do not and this is to whom I am speaking! This to me is unacceptable. How have we accepted coming here to earth and being forced to live our lives under certain rules and most often for someone else’s agenda? We are not living OUR lives, and we should be. I long for us all to remember why we are here and to embrace those reasons. If we could paint our emotions and feelings and desires in  colors and let them bounce about in the air freely, imagine the painting  we would see. Layers upon layers of darker colors with just small splashes of bright, vibrant ones thrown in here and there.

There would be lots of black for the anguish and hopelessness so many people are feeling. There would be lots of dark brown for the ever-growing frustration and lack of enlightenment we are experiencing and bright red for the anger that seems to rage endlessly, being perpetuated by inequality and unfairness. We would see dark red for our pain as it continues to bleed the life out of us. So many don’t see a way to end the misery being inflicted on them. Sadly we would see lots of blue-gray for the fear that seems to be permeating the planet, basically fear of new ideas and change. Unfortunately the cosmos would be thick with lemon green symbolizing the lies that we find ourselves drowning in. There would be splashes of brighter colors of course that represent our good ways of thinking, but my point is this. The picture painted overall would be a very dark one, heavy and not vibrant. Is it not time to paint ourselves a new masterpiece of who we are and make it truly beautiful?

We are all artists of sorts, we all have imaginations, we all are blessed with creativity, but are we using these traits to the best of their ability? I think not. They have been depleted and washed out by our day-to-day need for survival and our laziness so many seem afflicted by, for not exercising our brains and thinking for ourselves. At the moment our Government and all of its laws are painting our masterpiece and we are all just watching what portrait is being created. A dark, non-vibrant, uninspiring painting. Well screw that! Let’s make sure we paint our own masterpiece and make it bright and uplifting and pleasing to the eye and our hearts. The world’s masterpiece is not theirs to paint, it is ours! We are the new world artists and its time to pick up our brushes and paint!

Blessings to us all,