2 thoughts on “December Forecast….

  1. Yeah….This forecast hit me right on and is already well into occurring. So much deep looking, accepting (which is always hard) and just plain surrendering to what is. I think we can speak our truth no matter what, we just have to learn how to do it mindfully. If the receiver does not accept what is, then it is on their shoulders, you have already released it. The only way I get through painful times is to constantly take note of those far worse off than I. For me, it puts everything into perspective. You will get through this ordeal and then we have a new year soon to begin again….Stay close to hubby and kitties and all will be well. VK ❤


  2. Thank you, VK. Much of this forecast I can relate to already. Just for one example … I’ve decided very firmly to stop getting sucked into familiar patterns my bio family displays and lives. I received a GIF from a SIL that was all about HO HO HO and all that Jingle without one thought that my Mom just passed. Her GIF and the attached message at first pissed me off to be frank. Then I stepped back and saw that this woman was yet a child and did not stop to think about how others were feeling this Christmas. So today I wrote back saying the usual Merry Christmas to you and yours and then I went on to say that after loving my Mom in ways I never saw coming, my Heart which is still so broken will not be too HO HO HO this season. I’m doing my best to hold myself together and not fall apart and as well, making our Christmas the very best in spite of the circumstances. I never did hear back from her. I didn’t expect to. This crazy thinking …. Well, life goes on and let’s not even mention Mom just go on as usual …. is sick. I won’t do it, VK, for I demand I stay true to ME and not act the part that someone wants me to act. I say yay to those upgrades. I received one already that sent me to my bed where I slept for about 2 hours. Again thank you for this report!

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