Another Chance…

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It is hard to believe that yet another year is coming to a close. Time seems to have zoomed along at warp speed, as we careen along our paths towards the unknown. I say the unknown because we really have no idea what choices humanity is going to make for itself. It is being aggressively prodded along in desired directions by misinformation being consistently displayed for all to see and hear in hopes that we will follow along. Why shouldn’t we?  We’ve been doing what we we’ve been told to do since time began. I would like to think and certainly I would hope, that now that humanity has come to this critical fork in the road, that we will think  wisely before we choose which road to take.

Before we do choose, it is so important that we search for the truth in our reality before we make any decisions. There is far too much misinformation being offered as truth and in such busy and distracting times we don’t often take the time needed to discern if what we are being told is the truth. As a society this can have extremely damaging consequences. We are already witnessing society breaking down around the edges. Whether we want to admit it or not, human beings have radically altered their way of being due to the effects of technology.  How we think, how we respond to others, how we present ourselves to the world, what morals we choose to live by or worse, what we no longer choose live by.

Humans and especially children are responding to technology by succumbing to addiction. It’s no wonder Dr. Nicholas Kardaris coined the nickname for young people as “Glow Kids”. Kids 8-10 yrs. old are spending up to 8 hrs. a day lost in the digital world, teens spend 11 hrs. a day in front of glowing screens interacting, and they spend up to nine hrs. daily on social media. Society is severely distracted from reality, and it depends upon technology for answers, and our hearts, our brains and our thinking have much less influence on how we live our lives now. It seems what we have failed to realize is the fact all of these hours being spent with technology is not for fun as much as it is because of our addiction to it. We are becoming an addicted society and along with addiction comes our inability to function fully and live the lives we were meant to live, hence we have begun to experience chaos .

I write all of this in the hopes we will think carefully about where we wish to go next in this world, who we wish to become as a new year is about to begin.  If we don’t take action and become responsible for our lives, we may well destroy ourselves just as civilizations before us have done. This is the major fork in the road we have come to that will decide if we are to move forward and flourish or if we will abandon our minds altogether and give up our freedom. It does nothing for our advancement if we do nothing with the knowledge we have now about what is going on. We always hear the phrase ” Learn from your mistakes”, but do we? In order to learn from our mistakes we must first acknowledge them and I don’t see that happening very much.

The days of trying to wake people up and help them see a better way is over. It is not our job to save the world, it is our job to save ourselves and in the end we will save the world together.  Our job is to be the best we can be and hopefully we inspire others behind us to do the same. It is our job to create a better world so those behind us see they have someplace better to go, a direction to believe in. We are about to enter into a fresh new year and I urge everybody to choose wisely which way they will go. Will we continue to divide ourselves and eventually destroy ourselves or will we finally see the power in coming together as one, as a mindful society? Will truth and honesty finally win out this year and be honored at long last like it should be?  Will we finally conquer our out of control egos and silence our judgment of others in favor of accepting each other as we are? The choices we make will define our future so choose wisely. Who knows when this chance to rewrite the human story will be back our way again. Choose a blessed new year for yourself and embrace it with your heart not your head and hopefully those around you will do the same.

Blessings to us all…