Joy & Love To The World…

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I was talking to a friend the other day and she was saying how heavy everything felt in the world, like someone had sucked the life out of everything, that hatred, chaos and disruption were seeping into every facet of life right now as we struggle in limbo between two opposite paradigms. The world is dangerously deficient in joy, laughter and lightness. The innocent minds of people around the world are being subjected daily to non-stop unrest, discord and heaviness, completely absent any joy. Humanity seems so easily distracted by anything I don’t think they even realize how joyless life has become. Politics has not only divided our country and the people, it has hijacked everything we do and it injects itself into everything with negative, ego driven drama. It is exhausting, it is literally sucking the life out of us and changing who we are. This has got to stop before we devour ourselves. We have to wake up and see what is happening to society, we have to find the courage to say enough, we will not live our lives like this. We must create a new form of self governance for a new world.  The old world is broken beyond repair.

Look at California closely right now, this could happen anywhere. They have to try to create a new state to get out from under the insanity of tyrannical control to where they can live their lives again as they choose. Things seems way out of control right now, as both paradigms fight to define who we are. People are strung out to their limits, their shoulders droop from the weight of it all. That said, we must not let ourselves be pulled under! It is up to each of us to make a supreme effort to instill joy and laughter back into life. First we have to admit we are lacking joy in the world, then we can do something about it. Being without joy is insidious how it creeps into our lives and begins to quietly take over, almost unnoticed because we are so distracted.

The new moon was Tuesday, its energies are still strong and we can use them to set a strong intention to bring joy back into our lives and hopefully into the world. We just really need to reconnect back into living life mindfully, staying aware of what is going on, how it is affecting us or how we are affecting it. It is true that we create our own realities, that what we think and how we think affects our life, but so does the environment in which we live. Right now it is hostile, it is angry, it is negative, it is heavy and we need to realize this and balance our lives out with joy as well or we go under. It is up to us to manifest this joy for it is not coming from anywhere else. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself just how joyous is my life? I think we can all stand a few more laughs, I know I can.

To remain stressed out in the darkness is not living a balanced life. If we are not getting adequate time spent being happy and laughing then the body begins to break down. Our thoughts affect our bodies just as our bodies affect our thoughts. We are all one being, from head to toe and everything in between. Life should have joy and laughter and ease and to live without it is criminal. Find ways to free yourselves from this heaviness, find ways to bring joy back not only to yourself, but to others as well, for bringing joy to others brings joy to you. I think a great many people feel bad inside and they don’t even realize it, they probably don’t know why they feel bad, they just do, waking up to all the tension everyday. We have to break this pattern and create a new one, a happier one. It is time to float free not sink and drown.

Thanks to Millie for her post that triggered me off…

Blessings and joy to all,