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I know personally, I travel through life at times and don’t even question what I am doing or thinking. I am gliding on autopilot. Sometimes things come up in my life and slap me in the face to wake me up. I stand back and think   “Wow! Why haven’t I questioned these things before, why did I not notice?” One of those questions that came to me a long time ago was  “Who made up the rules we all live by?”  I mean think about that. Who are they to choose how we must live our lives, who we should be and what we should do? Why do we believe so strongly without questioning so much of life? We have been led down this path of life and somewhere along the way we were encouraged to not think about asking  questions. We become less of a problem if we followed along and stayed quiet. Is this how you truly wish to live your life? By someone else’s rules?

I think a good part of unemployment NOT being mentioned is the fact people are realizing working 9-5 everyday does not feel right. There is something off about it and no these people are not lazy! They are on to something. Who made up the rule that we the people should work 9-5 everyday? The same people who crammed our heads with the myth that “we are what we do”. Corporate Elites. Look at all the nice little slaves they have working for them and putting money in their pockets. Have you ever stopped to ask why Creator would put us on earth to live out our lives working 9-5? I think he intended for us to experience life in whatever fashion we desired. Why would he create so much beauty and then not allow us time to enjoy and interact with it?

There are so many questions: Why are we allowing corporations to hijack our Government and essentially our lives? What has subtly been done to our thinking that we don’t even object or fight for what is right? Why do we believe everything we are told? People may think Donald Trump is nuts calling it fake news, but he is absolutely correct. We don’t even know we are being lied to most of the time, although we are waking up, thank God! We have been molded and perfected into the law-abiding citizens we are without question. Why do we allow ourselves to be oppressed and held hostage and our lives dictated for us? What has become of our imaginations? Our hopes and dreams?  If we aren’t doing or being who we are supposed to do or be the way we have been led to believe, then who the heck are we? Really?

Why do we seldom question monumental things like vaccination but rather just believe what we are told regardless of the negative consequences?  Why did we believe for so long that the food we ate was good for us? That the medicines being sold were safe and good for us? A great many of these questions are being answered now, unfortunately a bit too late. So why do we do these things? Because we BELIEVED, it is what we needed, to go on with life , for to question would have created discomfort on many levels and we chose the easy way out. Why wouldn’t we? We didn’t know any better and so we went along with the program. But it is time to wake up and question.  It is time to finally see the illusion we have all been living under. It takes courage to go against the grain but it will be the very thing that saves us. There is truth in the saying “Ask and ye shall receive”. Ask and ye shall receive the truth! Ponder these thoughts today.

Blessings to all,


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  2. Excellent VK.. We are all of us on the hamster wheel going around and around. We have all of us been indoctrinated via our thought patterns from School to the workplace, via the press and TV,.. And we all know when little Jo Blogs stands up for his day in court, how the big boys join forces and crash him down and bleed him dry, So no one fights the establishment because everyone knows it is usually stacked against you. So no one tries..
    But lately in the judicial system here in the UK a few little cracks have opened.. Then the ones that you think should be prised wide open get slammed shut.
    Its all about the hierarchy, But you know what they also say dear VK..
    Every dog has its day… And I hear the howls! getting louder my friend xxx

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    • Oh yeah DW….The you know what is starting to hit the fans everywhere. Keep an eye on the U.S. as it is fixing to explode. They have until the end of January to decide what to do with Hillary Clinton’s abuses and the Justice system here is in free fall and a new shocking and damning memo is about to be released exposing it all !!! I cannot wait. It is in the air and once the fan starts oscillating the you know what will be everywhere!!!! The truth is out and it can’t be stopped…Hang tight my friend. Good seeing you. Hugs and love your way….VK ❤

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