Dust Off Your Imaginations…

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We are quickly closing in on that perilous ledge where we must decide if we jump off or veer right or left and head into the unknown. The time between what was and what will be is not one of comfort. All the old familiar ways we knew and relied upon are crumbling apart and we are not sure about what to replace them with. This is part of the problem of why we can’t seem to get past where we find ourselves hung up and mired in the mud. We have no concrete plan or road map to get from point A to point B. Many people enjoy a certain amount of adventure in their lives, but they also need a foundation to build upon to feel safe. We all need to feel secure in our lives which is why we tend to hold on desperately to the old regardless of how wrong it is until we can take it no longer.

I think many of us are at that point where we can’t accept any of this illusion any longer. It is somewhat humiliating to accept the fact we have been played for fools for so long now, but that is ego talking! Not reality. We can and must forgive and move forward, but we can only do that if we have a road map planned out to guide us. Yes these are insane times of chaos, but we can use this chaos to our advantage. If we can figure out what should come next and set plans in motion we give the scared and panicked masses a beacon of hope to walk towards. Give them a plan, give them a direction, give them an explanation and they will be far more willing to let go of what was and embrace what will be. A better way of living for we humans. Reassurance is key.

This scary, empty space between old and new paradigms can be positive if we work with it and not hide from it. We can all look at what is going on in the world and see what is wrong, we see the corruption and abuse, but let us look instead at what can be right. How can you move forward to something else if you don’t even know what it is we need to do next? It is time to get creative and share our ideas so we can come together and create that road map. It’s time because heaven knows, we want out of the way things are right now. It is time to stop talking and get busy creating what we want for the new world.  Don’t forget, that means creating ‘ourselves’ anew first, for until we heal the wounds of the old within, the new cannot be born.

Blessings to all,