Are We Ready To Change?

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I wanted to write a bit more on the topics I wrote about in my post called Questions. After I wrote that post I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out where and why we are wandering off track and getting into trouble. Lets face it, if you want to fix a problem, you first have to figure out what is causing it. So I sat and thought and thought some more,  looking for the core issue which I love to do. If I looked at all of the grievances we have with life I began to see one central theme that ran through all of them in one fashion or another. That central theme was money! We have grown up hearing the old adage that’Money is the root of all evil’. If one looks more closely at the subject of money one can see it is not the money creating the problems, it is our relationship with money, our beliefs surrounding it.

I have felt an odd relationship with money my whole life. I can sense ‘life traps’ quickly thank goodness, like cell phones/smart phones, social media etc. They appear innocent enough and often encourage us strongly to partake in them, but I never wanted to. It took me forever to get a computer and many years more to even think about writing a blog! Money was always looked upon by me as a trap. I grew up in a physicians home and wanted for nothing, I was very fortunate to have everything I wanted, but I didn’t have strong family roots. Love and concern were sorely missing. I always saw the drive for more in my family which left me feeling inadequate and often forgotten. It warped my sense of money and made me run in the opposite direction all the while folks around me were struggling to make more. They never stopped and asked themselves at what expense were they being successful.

I cannot even begin to unravel all the negative connections we carry with money and do it justice. I am recommending  reading an amazing book that even though it was written back in 2003 it surely pertains to the chaos and insanity we see unfolding today and in reading the book, it brings us back to earth, back to basics and back to what is truly important in life. My favorite book I always tell people about here is ‘The Four Agreements’ and now this book is right up there with it in the sense of being life altering. I can’t say enough good things about it and it will surely start you on a journey of viewing life through very different eyes. It is called The Soul Of Money by Lynne  Twist. You won’t be disappointed. At least I hope not.

I truly believe now, as I have for a very long time, that our perceptions about money are all wrong and we have allowed it to take over our lives and take over our morals about what is wrong and right. If we were not so dependent upon money, if we didn’t have our sad beliefs in scarcity and we weren’t always looking at what can be rather than what is, what we already have, life would be very different. Yes I still believe we need a new form of self governance and a major house cleaning in Washington D.C. but I also firmly believe we must first dissect our beliefs surrounding money and be willing to change how we live our over saturated lives. As with any change it will not be easy but it is a must if humanity is to progress forward. Please gift yourself this book and open your eyes even further to a better way to live.

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