8 thoughts on “More On The Moon Ahead….

  1. Loved reading the Article on the Moon VK, and I managed to see it, Beautiful bright with Halo as it was cold.. We did not see the red blood moon effect though where we are..
    I feel positive VK… Something IS changing.. Don’t you feel it? xxx HUGS xxx and much Love xxx

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    • Hi DW….Yes indeed I feel the shift!!! I also know it is a long road ahead too. I recently read an article by the famous futurist Buckminister Fuller who I so admire as I tend to think along his same lines, he mentioned that we would be going through these changes BUT….here’s the kicker. He said it would take at least one generation to see the change so I guess we will just have to settle for being the catalyst for the change. Either way is good, but I so wanted to witness it. Well I guess we are now, but we won’t see the end result 😦 Oh well…Onward we go my friend. I didn’t see the moon as it was cloudy here which was a bummer but I could sure feel the energy and it wasn’t always the best energy either…It was a bit chaotic. Heck the whole world is chaotic 🙂 Have a great weekend. Hope you got that green house project completed for your granddaughter…..hugs to you…VK ❤

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  2. Hi VK,

    I was intrigued to read the article enclosed with your post.

    If truth be told, I felt pretty much let down by the moon last night. I was expecting a glorious spectacle; what I got confronted in lieu was a pretty hazy orb which did not seem bigger and neither did it display any unique colour.

    But on reading the article, I did realise that I ended up doing a few of the right things viz. being active and avoiding toxic folks !

    Good to be back dear friend!


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    • Hey Shakti !!!! Good to see you back in action 🙂 I couldn’t see the moon as it was cloudy here but I sure felt its chaotic energy….it was intense. Hopefully it will bring us good things. We shall see. Be well my friend and take care….VK 🙂


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  4. You have lost a great deal AmyRose and I can feel your pain, empath that I am, but just think of all the wide open space within now available for a brand new you to unfold and dance about 🙂 You need space to dance. As Dr. Phil always says ” There are always two sides to a pancake. Grief and sorrow sits on one and wide open space to dance your way into a new life sits on the other….Get out those dancing slippers and go to town Girl….Hugs….VK


  5. THANK YOU, VK! So much of what I just read is happing now in my life. In 1993, everything I knew or identified as who I am, burned. Out of those ashes another life took form that I created. Now it seems I’m in a very similar place, with so much falling away from my life. And yes it is time for me to put the big girl britches on for I have “seen” truth ad how I have created much of that truth. Tough stuff to swallow but much needed in order to move forward with truth by my side. The urge to clean and organize is predominate right now. As in 1993, I’m not sure who I am to the full extent as I did say, just a few months back. When the dust settles, I’ll see more clearly. For now, I’m following my Heart (as I always do) and putting one foot in front of the other. Exciting times are upon us! CHANGE! 😘


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