Ah Ha Moments…

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Ah Ha moments, probably because they seem so special and powerful in the messages they deliver.¬† They are often life changing or perception changing, they awaken something deep within us, asking for our instant recognition. I was reading an article the other day that mentioned the Myers Briggs Personality test which I had done years ago, but had not thought a lot about since then. Because¬† I am curious, I went and dug out my Meyers Briggs book to read about my Type which is INFJ and as I read about their personalities and who they are, I had an explosion go off in my head. For some reason, which I tend to see as synchronicity, I read the very same words as I had years before, but this time in a whole new way. My life was suddenly being validated. Why did I not connect these dots before? It was not time. I had a great deal to learn through my suffering first before I could be given this revelation.

First off let me say being INFJ is not easy. They are 1% of the population which can lead to a very isolated life, but fortunately they are also highly introspective, so being to oneself is required. For my entire life I have lived with the misconception that my staying to myself, being introspective, being a homebody were manifestations of my brokenness. Upon reading about the INFJ’s again everything started to fall into place. I had spent a lifetime blaming myself for being less, for being screwed up, anti social, broken, when in fact it is normal to see these people stay to themselves and stay in their heads thinking due to the rich inner life they have. I wasn’t broken, this was the character I was born with, it is who I am, so why would I want to be somebody else?

A huge rock I have been dragging around on a rope behind me my whole life is suddenly cut free from my ankle! I can run now and hop and jump and maybe even fly if given time. What I learned from this Ah Ha moment was crucial in many ways. It also showed me how society has drummed it into our heads to ‘believe’ in ourselves and by all means I believe it is central to us being authentic, but I also have to wonder now if we don’t push aside questioning ourselves more often because it has now taken on a subtle, negative tone of weakness? Questioning ourselves I believe we are sorely lacking at these days because of our distractions. Questioning oneself as well as life in general, everyday, is the only way we will ever get to know who we truly are. We must not be led away from questioning ourselves because of social suggestion that says otherwise.

When we question we learn and when we learn we grow and when we grow we expand our consciousness and when we do that, we begin to alter humanity for the better. We have been taught for so long now to do as we are told because we are told that is the norm. Well, what may be good for me may not be good for you, we are all individuals. There really, in all honesty, is no real NORMAL. That word has been used as a way to categorize us, label us, shape us into who they want us to be. As a one percenter I can assure you I won’t fit in very easily nor do I want to. I like it here outside the box where my thoughts and beliefs are mine and not yours or anybody elses.

My point is we can’t learn unless we question everything. It is not to be feared or looked down upon, but to be looked upon as the path to self- actualization and understanding.¬† If we don’t know who we are how can we have a relationship? And we wonder why the world is so disconnected!

Happy weekending…