The Year Of The Dog…..

Aurora Thunderstorm
Feb 2018:
Beyond Polarity Karmas
in the Year of the Dog

Putney Vermont
On February 15th at 4:05 pm Eastern time a solar eclipse in Aquarius launches the Year of the Dog, which will call out the dog in everyone. This can very well be a blessing, but it’s a mixed blessing because the dog is a sharply polarized animal, divided (according to Ellias Lonsdale) between tame dog and wild dog, good dog and bad dog, and on-the-beam dog versus perversely-off dog. Captivated by patterns and syndromes, drawn to repeat things almost beyond belief, the dog’s strength and power can easily be bent toward unhealthy goals. In such ways the dog learns to master the common life, the ordinary existence, by delving deeply into its fabric over and over with a dogged determination, but with little oversight coming from its own nature.
By Winterwintstick
The effect of the dogged approach is that such loyalty and fidelity to a cause is bound to impress others and win the day. But most dogs lack the overriding intelligence to discern whether the cause being espoused is the right cause. You can throw that stick a thousand times and the faithful hound will retrieve it a thousand times, with blind obedience and no questions.
In such a time of world delusion as we’re currently living through this blind dogged obedience can create tremendous conflict on both sides of the political fence. Both the right and left are likely to get more doglike in the coming year. But the gift in the darkness of blind obedience is that the Polarity Karmas get dramatized so emphatically that it gives us a chance to see through them and awaken to the ways we ourselves have become polarized. This seems to be the dominant theme of western civilization — to so exaggerate the split consciousness of our time that we can finally break it apart and get beyond it.
When the dog in us sets its sights on something beyond blind obedience to a lost cause, that same fidelity can be a blessing if it carries us to higher ground. Be sure that the bones you’re after this year — your goals and desires are ones that can carry you beyond the stuck stories of the past. Be sure you’re not fetching further delusion for false masters.
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