3 thoughts on “New Moon/Solar Eclipse 2-15-18

  1. Another one that is just so right on!! Today my phone rang. It was a sister, one that I had a major falling out with. I had sent a text a few days ago apologizing for something I did and left it at that. I did not point fingers that I did such and such because she did that and this. No. It was a simple sincere apology. Today on the phone we talked and in so doing, Peace came in. We spoke of why we acted when, and we spoke of our mutual lives’ challenges, promising to pray for one another. It was awesome! Communications with hubby have been getting clearer, and I’m speaking even more Truth then I had been before. He’s still stuck in the “old” but I’m seeing he is getting unstuck here and there, and now ready to accept my words of Truth. All is good, VK. All is just so good I wish I could kiss the Moon!! So much tragedy has occurred in my life and now Peace and more Love are here. Glorious!!!! Thank you so much for this report!!! 🤗

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