9 thoughts on “Our Time Has Come…

  1. PS: You know…and Love and Gratitude – all those good things which put good energy out there. Hard sometimes to draw the line between despair and action and just Being Love.

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  2. Hard to trust the timing sometimes, but necessary. So easy to get sucked in to the drama, but we have to concentrate on Radiance and do what we can when we can. Thanks VK.

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    • Hey Mary…I believe one of the biggest lessons we all seem to be learning is centered around our ability to trust! We have been misled for so long, in so many ways, it is very difficult to put your trust out there to the world but we must! This is where nature enters in as master teacher. You don’t see nature doing anything but trusting what is and going with the flow. Bending and flowing = freedom!!! Thanks for popping in and leaving your thoughts! Love and hugs….VK ❤

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