Just Saying….

And people want to argue there is no fake news? Really? Time for America to wake up and see what is right in front of themselves…While they still can. I just wanted to point this out and expose the truth. I’m so done with the lies! Check out this video. I give up. I guess you will have to go to the website and see for yourself, if possible. If not, go to this website and scroll down to the video…So sick to see the truth gets shut out.

15 thoughts on “Just Saying….

  1. VK, this is why I am so strong on creating my OWN world. I do not allow the outside world to come into it, or when it does as little as possible. Now hubby is a news addict and no matter how many times I tell him he is feeding death to his mind and body and spirit, he will not listen. I will not be in the same room with the news on and I make sure this home is protected from the harm that “energy” causes. I’m DONE trying to get people to wake up as of yesterday. I’ve been so intent on writing Truth and how to live in Love and Beauty over at my blog and so many times have walked away so discouraged. So blind and yet the Truth is right in front of them! As of today I no longer will be discouraged and will “call to those who SEE” to my blog. I am so done trying to reach those who are not awake. I’m so ready for the New World! Much LOVE to you this day!! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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    • Quick reply AR….I’m out the door in a few moments….We can’t insulate ourselves completely AR…I hear what you’re saying and I get it but at the same time we have to learn how go with the flow of what is going on even if it does not agree with us. The world is what it is and we must deal with things as they come along. Everyone has their timing for waking up and we can do nothing to speed up their process. It’s all about balance in the world….Gotta go my friend…Hang in there with the kids πŸ™‚ VK ❀

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      • I know what you are saying …. I don’t isolate and I really know what is going on in the world yet I will not allow it to effect my world. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Sorry about that. Have a great day!!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—


  2. This is yet another major event where fake news is prevalent. Its disgusting to be honest..
    I watched on a news channel here how those young students took their protests and then from what I gather guns were not even on the agenda of discussion..
    What did my heart good was how strongly these young students gathered together to protest about the gun laws.. And Mr T I heard on our radio today is responding but not enough.. I was flabbergasted of his response to say he thought teachers should be allowed to carry guns.. OMG.. where is his logic in all of this. Can’t he see we need less guns and more laws to ensure guns stay out of both young and dangerous hands..
    Here we have to have a licence a total police check before a gun permit is allowed before you buy a gun.. Unless on the black market of course ( which we know is in every country for those who have the where with all. )
    I was so heart broken for all of those families ..
    But I also saw another side.. A side bringing youth to stand together.. These are USA’s future adults and it has to change…

    I have been in my own world of oblivion Painting, ( the best place to be I think of late ) .. I hope you are well VK.. Good to see a post from you today as I logged in..
    Sending LOVE and HUGS your way.. And I hope spring is getting there.. Here we are going backwards again.. ❀ xxx ❀

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    • Hey DW….Well this is a first…I actually disagree with you on the guns in school. We are way past the point of no return with guns and so now they are so prevalent if schools continue to be gun free zones they become soft targets for mass shooters as there is nothing standing in their way to do what they want to do. Someone trained to carry and use in a school could shut the assault down asap where as now it can go on and on killing as many as they want….It’s a tough call but to leave students vulnerable like sitting ducks will not work in this day and age. Before guns became so common place maybe it would have worked but not now….Sorry I couldn’t agree with you but hey, we all dance to a different drummer for a reason. Still love ya big time my friend…Hugs to you and hi to hubby. Enjoy your art, soon it will be the garden πŸ™‚ Spring is at the back door knocking! Love….VK ❀

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      • No worries VK.. if we were all the same life would be a dull place my dear friend, so no offence taken at all.

        I guess living in the UK where guns are rare and incidents less frequent than where you live shows me a different view than you have.
        Maybe if I were brought up where you live, my perspective would be different..

        But I see the world heading in the wrong direction.. An Eye for an Eye until we are all blinded..
        But I do live in hope, for these youngsters are the worlds next generation, they are seeing for themselves the death these guns create.. More guns only mean more death and accepting death and killing…

        The USA has perhaps gone past the point of no return..

        Looking in on it from the outside, I hear the cries of these students to ban guns comes from their hearts.. I can only hope America still has its heart.. Because it’s getting more and more divided and violent and less caring as time goes on.

        So yes we agree to disagree which is good, We need debate, we need to questions, and we need to see what we are becoming ..
        While ever guns are so easily available to those who wish to pull their triggers, then you have crazy people walking shooting them.. But guns are your culture. and BIG business.. So its doubtful USA will ever find peaceful solutions. Because so many people seem to embrace the gun, and think owning one is the cure..

        When you step out and back and look in .. I see only more tragedies and violence escalating.
        Sadly I wish it were not so.. But as you said.. ” Before guns became so common place maybe it would have worked but not now”.. Which is very very Sad.

        Hubby is well, he went to the allotment to bring me some veggies.. Minus one outside we have a Siberian Blast of cold air hitting the UK at the moment VK.. Very frosty at the moment and chilly.. I think winter has not done with us yet..

        And I love you to bits VK.. Sending HUGE hugs.. And never change who you are.. You speak your truth.. As I speak mine.. And LOVE always meets in the middle.. Xxxx ❀ xx ❀ xx

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    • I can clearly see your point. Especially about how we see things differently because of where we live and what we experience. If one asks why so many schools are shot up versus say a factory or office building it’s because the schools are(were….soon to change) gun free zones so these idiots know they are safe to walk in and open fire. If certain people are trained to carry guns then these fools will hopefully think twice about walking in….Enough said…..
      Can’t believe how cold you guys are. A real deep freeze. What we got in November over here. Not fun at all. We are on a crazy warm phase now, 30’s-50’s and it looks to be the same for at lease ten days out. I’ll take it!!!! Spring is close. Lots of birds returning and the crocus are popping up…Ahhhhh….
      I have been hearing odd noises at night on my porch and I know it can’t be Bizzy as he was so quiet and polite. I went out to see what was going on and there cowered a Opossum in the corner by Bizzy’s food box!!! Yuk! They can be so vicious. Poor Bizzy!!! No more food on the porch. I sure am not going to feed this guy….I saw where Bizzy’s tracks went in the snow so I’ll keep tossing out apples and carrots where hopefully he will find them. I did love having him come every night!!!
      Take care sweet friend and my best to Hubby as well…Hope you guys have a good weekend. I am sure soon it will be turning the earth and planting seeds….Yay!!! Happy painting….Thinking of you…Hugs and love your way…VK ❀

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      • I had to look up what an Opossum was VK. πŸ™‚ while they look sweet, they look a little like our Weasel though I bet yours are a lot bigger lol.. And not so nice when teeth are bared LOL..
        I am sure if you toss your carrots and fruit then Bizzy will find it.. πŸ™‚
        And yes very cold..
        I finished my new painting, and I have attempted to write a post several times, but Sometimes I have so much to say no words form.. So just leaving it till they do.. I have a poem sitting in my drafts for months. so I may share that or not.. I feel like you did a while back..
        Wanting to escape this reality, yet being careful what I wish for. πŸ˜€
        Take care of yourself also VK… Sending HUGE Hugs.. ❀ and much love..


    • LOL !!!! They are very odd creatures and have very long pointed teeth. I would not want to get bitten by one…They also have a long hairless tail as I’m sure you could see when you looked it up…Thankfully Bizzy got the food when it was most needed in that brutal cold we had….Now with spring arriving they are on their own….Your endless talents always amaze me DW. I can’t wait to see the new painting when the time comes. I know it will be beautiful. If you are painting I assume you finished that green house project with your granddaughter…Fun….Take care and much love….VK ❀ ❀ ❀


  3. PPS: I wish there was access to mental health counselors in the schools. For potential shooters as well as grieving students. Priorities are so backward!

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    • I do too, but even more I want people to ask WHY are so many people getting mental illness in the first place? We are NOT being allowed to live the lives we were meant to be able to live!!! Start there. We are seeing our spirits act out to try to save themselves from destruction! VK


  4. PS: I hadn’t realized how long that Russia has been invading our cyberspace, and feeding us so much bullshit. I don’t get why America hasn’t done anything about it. It’s like people think war is about nuclear bombs and boots on the ground. Which it is, of course, but a lot of behind the scenes lies on line are fed to us every day. Fake web sites, etc. I knew about it during the election, but not til then. It reminds me of a Jackson Browne song from early 70s. Before the Deluge. So prophetic. I hate what happened in Florida, and I’m glad the students are speaking up. Shame on CNN.

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  5. No surprise there. What an amazing kid, though. Brave.
    I just read Hillary’s beautiful book. All the fake news that came out of Russia. One of the things she said was that we are being fed so much fake stuff all the time that the American people have been groomed to believe anything. And hear so many different things, they (we) don’t know what is truth anymore. It is all so clear. There are huge secrets that are literally killing us, and we get distracted by the fake stuff. I know it is all way above my head, things I have no control of, so at times all I can do is focus on my own little piece of life. This kid has great courage, and I pray his generation is able to keep standing up and saying it like it is. I don’t know, VK. It’s all so mind boggling..

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    • Hey Mary…Yeah, this kid is incredibly brave and when social media tries to prevent a video or the truth from getting out it is pathetic. CNN has been doing this kind of thing all along. I remember way back to the 1st Gulf war and the scud missiles. Remember them? That was the 1st time CNN was called on the carpet for lying. They had two correspondents supposedly under attack from a scud missile on top of a building and it was all faked by green screen. It’s been like that forever I guess. Now they are shoving gun control down everyones throats. Why don’t they ever ask the real question of why kids need to do this in the first place. Maybe if we had more freedom, were told truth and not lies and schools were teaching not mind controlling students they might feel differently. If bullying were addressed FINALLY maybe kids wouldn’t feel so angry…If they stopped violent movies and videos maybe kids wouldn’t be numb to death and they might actually care about each other.It is endless Mary and it is what just ticks me off and frustrates me. I go out to nature to mellow out but I always have to come back into the web of evil unfortunately….Every time I tried to post this post the video wouldn’t work or else it was removed altogether. So sick. Oh well, like you say there isn’t much we can do, beyond pointing it out to people which I try to do. Eventually maybe people will wake up and see the light. Still hoping. Thanks for your words of wisdom my friend. Take care and go enjoy nature today πŸ™‚ VK ❀

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