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I was out walking the other day watching the new birds that have arrived back from wherever they had gone for the winter, and I was thinking…What is it about the insanity going on in the world right now that bothers me the most? What seems to be pushing all of my buttons? As much as I hate having to interact with reality right now, I must, for to understand what is taking place, one must observe and connect the dots of life. We all have our stations where we hang out and do our thing. Some people try to save the environment, others fight for justice or oppose war etc. Because we each have our thing the entirety of things needing to be done, gets done. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about the things we aren’t fighting for, quite the contrary. My thing is justice and equality and so I have a need to observe so I know what is going on. Fortunately for me what goes in my head I can release quickly as well otherwise I couldn’t do what I do.

So I was walking and thinking, trying to figure out what was bugging me the most so I could understand it and release it. It is the total lack of respect we humans are showing one another. It’s shameful and even more so when our supposed leaders are bad mouthing and name calling in front of the entire world like children. It really is quite despicable. It bothers me so because it shows me just how far humanity has yet to go to begin to rise to a new level. I was hoping to witness the process during my life time, but I no longer think I will see such a thing. Bummer. The side of humanity I am seeing right now is so small-minded and self-absorbed. There is no thought or consideration for others. It is little wonder why the selfie emerged when it did. Sadly it  is befitting this time in our history. We certainly do need to go inward and get work done, but not inward the way so many are right now.

So what would make the world a better place? If we all took the time to list a few daily guide lines to live by and stick to it, our own worlds would be better and eventually effect the world around us. It’s obvious by what is going on today that we humans have lost our connection to human life and it’s sacredness. Human life no longer seems to have worth and if we don’t feel worth we have no foundation to build on. Respect is one of the keys to proper living and it prevents chaos and we need to bring it back and make it a center piece to our new world in the making. If we can’t care about others then we cannot care about ourselves and what kind of foundation does that build?

Here are a few of my guide lines I try to live by:

Don’t worry about what others think, love who you are

Let go of scarcity and fear

Stop needing to be certain

Let go of self-doubt

Let go of needing to be in control

Always be kind and giving

Stop seeing productivity as self-worth

Always look for the good within the bad

Always help where help is needed

Be mindful of your thoughts and words

Always have strong, high morals

Do not judge others or yourself

Always show RESPECT to everyone. Be a good example.

Have a great weekend everybody…Make your guide lines list and go for it!