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I was reading a piece written by Monica Lewinsky on the 20th anniversary of her downfall in Washington. It is truly amazing what an impact that had on her life. She got black balled while good old Slick Willy went on to fame and fortune.  Sadly that is how everything in Washington ends up, There is no fairness or justice. But that is not why I wanted to write this post. At the very end of her article she put in a Mexican proverb I found most appropriate for where we find ourselves today. The mascot for these times so to speak. Here is the proverb:

They tried to bury us; They didn’t know we were seeds.

Yes, we must think of ourselves as seeds and now the spring is upon us and it is time to begin to push ourselves upward through all the dirt and begin our journey up to the light. The dirt and filth they buried us under was the perfect medium for us to begin to grow in. Our seed pods have split open and our tender green shoots have begun to wiggle out into the sunshine. This is our time my fellow seeds to extend ourselves outward and upward and begin our glorious transformation into whatever beautiful flower or weed we wish to be.  Make up your mind and go for it!

Blessings to all,