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I was reading a piece written by Monica Lewinsky on the 20th anniversary of her downfall in Washington. It is truly amazing what an impact that had on her life. She got black balled while good old Slick Willy went on to fame and fortune.  Sadly that is how everything in Washington ends up, There is no fairness or justice. But that is not why I wanted to write this post. At the very end of her article she put in a Mexican proverb I found most appropriate for where we find ourselves today. The mascot for these times so to speak. Here is the proverb:

They tried to bury us; They didn’t know we were seeds.

Yes, we must think of ourselves as seeds and now the spring is upon us and it is time to begin to push ourselves upward through all the dirt and begin our journey up to the light. The dirt and filth they buried us under was the perfect medium for us to begin to grow in. Our seed pods have split open and our tender green shoots have begun to wiggle out into the sunshine. This is our time my fellow seeds to extend ourselves outward and upward and begin our glorious transformation into whatever beautiful flower or weed we wish to be.  Make up your mind and go for it!

Blessings to all,


10 thoughts on “Seeds…

  1. What a powerful quote in those few words VK.. We will keep growing dear VK, no matter what they spray upon us. our roots are strong.. And we will keep on reaching up to the LIGHT..

    LOVE and Hugs dear friend.. Sending special thoughts for a special lady.. xxx ❤

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    • You are such a sweet being DW….Thank you! Yes those words grabbed me for sure…Loved them! We are seeds, all of us, and we have been planted and we are starting to emerge from below the DIRT!!! We will pop out completely one day soon and when the sun hits us as well as the spring rains, look out! We will take off and reach the sun….Hugs my friend. Keep enjoying your time 🙂 Much love…VK ❤

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  2. Oh, VK, l💜ve this synchronicity! I had just responded to your comment on my recent post, the one about my Soul Mission/Eclipse/Lunar Nodes/Nodal Return. Although I didn’t mention/hadn’t shared it yet, part of the message of that post/my research is related to this 1998 Lewinski-Clinton episode, a manifestation of the Nodal Return that I wrote took place around 1998/99/2000. From my research, I discovered that my Leo/Aquarius node placement is the same as that of the U.S. So, that period was also a most transformational time for the US as it was for me — just as it is once more transformational for me and the US (and those with Leo-Aquarius nodal placement) as we now go through another Nodal Return. Hence, the #metoo phenomenon. Really interesting times and l💜ve these synchronicities!!! “They tried to bury us; They didn’t know we were seeds.” L💜💜💜ve that & can’t wait to read Monica’s article in its entirety and see her transformation/growth!! Thank you for sharing this, VK! You just don’t know how much it has served as a nudge, an inspiration for me to continue sharing what I had discovered.

    Big L💜ve, Big Hug, & the Biggest & Brightest of Blessings!!! 😉 🌞🌟💞🙏🌜

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    • Wow! I love synchronicity so much. I’ve written about it quite a bit over the years. To me that is what I call the magic of life…It’s what makes every day living exciting and magical. Can’t imagine life without it! I so wish I had the funds to get some astrology work done, especially having read all of your north node info…Oh well…What will be will be. So glad you enjoyed this post. It was quite disheartening to read about how hard her life became, what she had to endure. Yes she brought it on herself, but the after abuse was classic Washington destroying someone to save their butts…So sick! I’m just glad she has been able to feel some vindication. Now it’s time for slick Willie to feel the heat….Have a great day Nadine and take care….Much love…VK ❤

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