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I’ve been thinking all morning about change and how we could create it, now more than ever it’s needed.  It’s hard to imagine we alone can help create change, because we seem so small in the cosmic theme of things, but we need to remember, we DO matter! In a world that continues to come apart at the seams, yanking away our foundation and threatening instability, it is up to us to find ways to compensate for what is taking place. One way we can do our part and make a difference is by making a point of validating others we meet, by showing them how and why they matter and vocalizing it. So often I bet we like people and speak about them in glowing terms to others, but we don’t make the time or find the courage to tell those same people face to face how much meaning they bring to our life.

I bet we all would embrace someone positively validating us for being who we are and making us feel good inside! If validation can lift our spirits, light up our hearts and cement our foundations, then I’m sure most others would like to be validated as well. It takes little effort to tell someone why and how they matter to you and to show them, at the same time the impact from doing so is huge for all involved. There is so little validation in the world right now, we all know exactly what is wrong with the world all around us, but seldom are we hearing what is right about it! We can do that through validation.  People need to know they matter, that their presence in the world matters and it would surely turn up the light in the world if we made the effort to validate those people who are part of our reality. If we feel good about ourselves we hopefully feel good about life and if we good about life we will be inspired to find ways to make it the best it can be and settle for nothing less.

Blessings to all,