2 thoughts on “March Forecast…

  1. Those kinds of conversations just blow my mind!!! It’s the same every time I dare turn on the tv…people are talking a language I don’t comprehend…It’s like the twilight zone…Many times I just want to scream to have some sense of reality back but it seems to have disappeared….It’s why I stay at home and pretty much to myself….Anything outside my door is insane…..So we shall stay put and create AR….Vk <3<3


  2. Time for creativity ….. YES!!! As for communications … I had this intensely crazy conversation in which I initially poured my heart out about how much pain I experience (from all the major losses I’ve had recently) and from the start of the response and the following conversations it was as though everything I said was not heard and/or misinterpreted. Conclusion? I attempted to finally say oh this is just a case of misunderstanding and from there the victim and me being guilty was attempted to be put on me. I took a long step back and realized I “misjudged” this person’s ability to go to the emotional depths that I am. We were talking what seemed two different languages. It was the most mind-bending conversation I have ever had and that includes those I’ve had with my husband, which can get pretty intense and nuts.

    Now for mixing things up … I’m all for that. We tend to do things out of rote and stop thinking about what we are actually doing. Let’s do this, VK!! Together we think of new ways to create! YES!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


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