Remembering What Needs To Be…

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This will  be a post to hopefully remind us all of where our true strength lies! Between social media, smart phones, and television, most arguments people are having with one another these days are based on what outside influence has put in their heads. Few people stop anymore and ask themselves if what they are told could actually be true. We just grab hold of what we’ve been told is truth, tuck it away in our minds and keep on going. No questions asked,. This way of living has got to stop. It is incredibly dangerous and we are already in enough trouble to begin with. Look at all the ‘special counsels’ being called for in Washington because of dishonesty, lies and manipulation. How much more do we need to hear and see before we finally bring back healthy skepticism, demand the truth and think for ourselves again?

There was a time when humans used their senses to make their way through life. They felt things, sensed things, saw things and somehow just knew things, because they were solidly connected to the world. They knew when the seasons changed not by  a calendar, but by what they knew to be true. They were so connected to the animal kingdom, the animals often told them what was going on because the animals always ‘knew’. The lifestyles we live today have pulled us away from our innate knowing, we are no longer solidly connected to the world or to ourselves. That deep inner voice that so often spoke to us has gone quiet. We do not listen to it, we are too distracted.  Gone too are the days when we trusted in our knowing enough to take care of ourselves. We didn’t need anybody else propping us up telling us what to do, say or think. Now it seems we can’t even tie our shoes without being told  how to.

It is time to think seriously about what is happening to our world. Are we going to sit by  and let the world implode or are we going to pull ourselves up and set to work getting back to being connected to all that is?  Have we not figured out yet that the media is spinning lies, pushing us in directions they are told to push us in for whatever reasons? The nightly news is no longer what it used to be. The days of Walter Cronkite are long gone. News is NOT there to bring us up to date on what is going on in the world, they are there to sway our beliefs, to make us see something going on the way they want us to see it when in fact something very different is occurring. No, it is time to STOP listening to what we are told and begin to bring back our abilities to sense and know the world around us for ourselves through raw experience. It is time to put down the ‘dumb’ phones ( they are not smart, they are dumbing us down and messing with our minds!) and start paying attention!

Let us revive that ‘knowing’ within  and start to live our lives again by experiencing it for ourselves, not through what somebody else says.

Blessings to all,