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Lets be honest here, we all have fears of one sort or the other. Some people acknowledge them and let them go, others become hostage to them and begin to wither on the vine. Fear has great power over us which is why it is used against us 24/7 to keep us going in the direction we are told to go in. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of things, fear is always around the next corner waiting for us or to be exploited by the media. This is what the media has become, propagandists helping politicians achieve their agendas. It sucks, it is shameful and sadly it is not going away and so it is we who must make things right.

Fear gets such a bum rap and yet it is needed at times to thrust us along into the unknown or to slow us down to wait out the storm so to speak. In other words, let US use fear not the other way around! Use it to our advantage rather than succumb to it. Everything in life has two sides to the story so why not pick the side of useful and leave behind the side of victim? I remember once years ago wondering how to find what it was I needed to do with my life and I was asked ” What do you love more than you fear and when you find out, go after it”.  It’s interesting to ponder. Think of all the things you fear and avoid at all costs and how powerful they are, but at the same time look at all the things you truly love and believe in and stand up for and you will see great power there as well. Who wins out I guess is our choice.

Why do we give fear so much power over us? After all it is nothing more than  possibilities of what could happen where as loving life is already happening, it is grounding us, pumping us full of strength and yet we so often chose to dwell in the realm of fear. Well for one thing, we are never taught any of this. We are never taught anything about ourselves, our strengths and possibilities, our power, our truth. Instead we live on a steady diet of tv ads that put us down, continually tell us we are damaged in one way or the other, we are shown only negative, violent, malicious stories designed to invoke fear. We are broken down into categories of people in need of changing ourselves in order to be worthy enough to be accepted. If you are not a wealthy one percenter you will never fit in, you will never be accepted, so stop trying! It is not only a waste of your time, you truly do not want to be who they are, disconnected from reality..

That is the game we are playing. Being convinced we are not enough as we are and then we are sent on a lifelong journey of looking for ways to improve ourselves when in actuality, we are just fine the way we are. Fear tells us we are inadequate. Fear tells us we are vulnerable. Fear tells us we have no trust. Fear tells us “keep trying” when we are already whole to begin with. It is time for all of us to stop dabbling in fear and move beyond it so we can regain our courage and strength. We have a battle raging all around us for our minds, so we best ‘USE’ our fears to find a way forward. We need to stop thinking about what we fear and instead think about our strengths and how we can use them. Use fear as a wake up call to change your perspective to a positive one.

We are seeing true fear in the elites who are rapidly disintegrating before our very eyes. It’s their own fault, but they can’t see that. It is so embarrassing to watch the dramas of Washington and think that these angry, ego driven, power-hungry, lying individuals are actually running our country! Shocking. It’s like the principal walked out and left the third grade in charge of running the school. Our priorities are so misguided! Hypocrisy runs Washington these days and it is disgusting to witness what is going on. They don’t even have a clue that they are alienating themselves even further by their actions. They are so driven by their needs and their egos they are blind! Sadly the people are so disengaged at this point who is even listening? This is the void we are meant to be filling! This is why we are here, to bring back morals and decency, to show others what really matters in life and to speak out in favor of evolving together as our next step down the road.

Are we not tired and bored of being tadpoles and wouldn’t we honestly rather lose our tails and become frogs at long last? We have been held here in this sad state of deterioration for long enough. It is time to move up the ladder, to adapt to change and look upon that change with eagerness rather than fear and dread? It is time to stop listening to people tell us who we are meant to be and just be ourselves instead. We are not less than, we are more than, we just haven’t been told. It is very scary and tragic to see how the world is being run and by whom and for what purpose. It surely is not for the good of mankind, but rather for the few. We want ALL people to be equal, to feel worthy, to have purpose and goals and dreams. We are all one species. We were not born with price tags stuck to us according to our value, corporations placed those price tags on us as well as our Government, which really is one in the same!

The country is being divided and torn asunder before our very eyes and yet there is silence! This must stop. If we wish to live a better life we better start fighting for it! Everyday there are a great many insane things happening that are pulling us under, we are drowning in it. Why are we not hearing a lot of noise from the sane side demanding what needs to be done to make things right just as strongly? It’s odd to watch this disparity. We need to be vocal, but not to complain as so many do, but rather to offer new ideas and ways to break free of where we are stuck. We need big thinkers, we need open minds and we need inspiration! It is time to change, but we must have a plan in place for people to follow or they will never go out on the limb of vulnerability. Time to get to work everybody! Somehow we must learn how to not fear change and instead see it as a friend and the next step to where we want to go.

Blessings to all,