Time To Spring Forward….

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Tomorrow is day light savings and time to set our clocks ahead. I believe it is 2 a.m. or some such time. Just remember to do it when you go to bed. We will miss an hour but daylight will begin to lengthen and spring will appear, I hope. Another snow storm due in a few days. Grrrr…

Daring To Look…

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I was just doing a written exercise that called for figuring out who you are. Yeah, good luck. It called for writing out two lists side by side, one called My Personality, the other one called My Spirit( the core of who you are), and to write what felt the most true & comfortable to me in each list. So I did that and what came out of it was quite startling. Both sides were the total opposite, so much so it seemed like war was going on between the two.

What a great eye opener for me. If My personality and my Spirit( my core) were so out of balance, how could my life be anything but chaotic? Just like within our bodies, we need all parts to be at peace with one another for good health, imbalance leads to poor health. My spirit is very positive in how it wants to be, very giving, kind, and loving, it wants to help others and I can trust it to be honest on all levels, yet my Personality is not this way due to life circumstances. I am cautious, often distrustful, impatient with waiting for change, angry with the injustice I see going on etc. In other words, I am not quiet and gentle as I should be, I’m stressed and out of sorts.

It got me thinking about how many other folks in the world are fighting their way through life with an imbalanced being? I mean really, it should be no surprise there is so much turmoil in the world. How do we go up against the ever-present enemy of Media propaganda that is keeping people distracted and fearful and not allowing them to find themselves, let alone live the lives they desire? Part of this issue is timing as we do not awaken all at the same time, for that too would cause imbalance. How do we take away the power of the lies and misleading information causing so many to stray far away from their centers? Peace is close by, it is on our periphery, but we cannot attain it if we are not living in truth and in balance. It’s a good time to check where we stand and make some alterations if needed.

Instead of just tolerating what is going on in the world we would do far better to create our own calm and peaceful realities by living our lives in the best possible ways. By being honest and truthful, by being giving and loving and kind, by reaching out to help others, by not judging others, by learning acceptance and the fine art of letting go. We don’t have to be the divisive, angry people we are forced to watch on television( if we watch at all). If enough of the world were working hard everyday to be the best that they can be, the energy in the world would be so different. Instead of feeling frustrated or victimized we can find ways to calm our lives by doing things that truly matter to us. Here is another good question to ask yourself and see where it takes you: What do you love more than you fear? These excursions into self are enlightening and exciting. This journey is quite often avoided by many and sadly they do not really know themselves. Have courage and dive deep, it’s amazing what you’ll find.

These times we are trapped in, between old and new paradigms, are challenging to say the least. We need to find ways to take our fears or issues and turn them around so we can use them positively as maps to move forward and grow. They are nothing more than lessons to be learned, they are not monsters waiting for us in the dark.  We are strong like the mighty Oak, it is why we were chosen to be here at this time to stand up for what is right by being the best that we can be. We do not have to be pulled down by what we hear and see. All that we hear and see is nothing more than somebody else’s opinion about life and whose to say if they are even right. You know what you believe in, you know what is right for you, protect that and demand the very best from yourself. You’ll feel good and heaven knows the world needs to start to feel good again!

Strength and love to all,