Prepare Yourselves….

Okay everybody…We have a major magnetic storm headed our way so just know if things get wonky it is not you! It’s the energy from this solar event. So take things easy, get sleep and stay calm…Being informed on all fronts help us on our way through life! What we understand we can accept.

3 thoughts on “Prepare Yourselves….

    • Yes indeed!!! They seem to be getting stronger as we move forward in our process 😦 As I mentioned in this post, if we KNOW what we are up against on all levels, it makes it easier to deal with. Lord knows we have have enough to deal with in Washington!!! Now Nor’easter number three!!! I am SO DONE with snow! Stay warm and don’t frizzle out….VK 🙂 ❤

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      • I know, VK. We are getting that storm today. THREE Nor’easters? Really? I had planned on photographing white Crocuses in my garden that are insisting on coming up through frozen ground and snow today. I just might have to carefully dig them out in order to capture them. This snow is SO old!!! Stay warm, dear friend!!! 💖💖💖

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