Bizzy Still Making It….

I went out yesterday to shovel yet again another foot and a half of snow and found Bizzy tracks all over the porch. Yes, despite the huge amount of snow he still makes it through! Two days ago I finally saw Bizzy for the first time!!!   He seems to sneak in at night. It was so wonderful to see him hopping along en route to his smörgåsbord for dinner. Apples, carrots, broccoli, rabbit chow, cat chow and raisins….Happy camper! I cannot express what an amazing feeling it is to make friends with a wild animal who feels safe enough to venture out onto your porch every night. Great fun!


I Am Me….

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I’ve been trying lately to  deal with all that is going on around me, but I must admit at times I feel deep frustration when I watch and listen to people these days. After working very hard for years now to awaken people and offer them a more positive perspective to live their lives by, to see such a large segment of society thinking with such a time worn mindset, it both saddens me and disturbs me. Are we ever going to get this right? Talk about the classic  Sampson vs Goliath scenario. Not only are there huge mountains  for us to climb over such as Government & Corporations, these people today fight dirty. It’s all we’ve been privy to lately. People attacking people, criticizing one another, name calling, deliberately trying to destroy each others lives. Really? It is such a huge disgrace! We have gone so far backwards in our evolution. We need to aim ourselves in a new direction, as a whole. It is time to support humanity in making its long-awaited shift to higher consciousness, because it is greatly needed!

I am tragically aware of what television is doing to  people’s thinking and logic now. What is most troublesome is the fact so many people don’t even realize what is happening to them. If they did they wouldn’t be putting up with what is going on. They need to know A.S.A.P.  I bet I write five or more emails every week to Senators, Congressmen and yes even the President and I express my complete views, not just complaints but suggestions for fixing these problems. This is what is so sorely lacking today. Nobody has insights on how to move forward and correct our mistakes so we just keep making the same ones over and over again. You can never ask someone to leave their comfort zone and jump into the unknown. It will never work. They need support, guidance and inspiration. We all need to have some sort of idea of what comes next, a common direction we can all follow, together! Once we establish this we can move to phase two!

I write all of those emails because regardless of whether they listen or not, they need to hear from the people. Remember that old saying the squeaky wheel gets the oil? If we remain silent about what is happening to this country, it gets assumed we all agree and go along with what is taking place. Silence can be deadly! I profoundly disagree and they will hear about it. At the same time our supposed leaders remain defiant against change, defiant of thinking in new and more expansive ways, their egos have determined their beliefs about matters and nothing is going to sway them. They are stubborn, dug in and blind to who we truly are and where we should be going. The lust for power, money and control have taken over and the real purpose of why we are all here has been long forgotten by design.

It is time to revive our true purpose for being here and express that purpose with pride and belonging. It is time to stop just partaking in our lives and begin honoring them and living them to their fullest. I would venture to guess if asked, most people couldn’t honestly say they were living the life they wanted. It is time to do so. It is time for us to find the courage to demand our lives back by quiet resistance. We humans have had our inspiration and desires silenced, life has lost its magic and our imaginations have been tamped down, almost to non-existence. Schools are dumbing down our children and are discouraging them from thinking for themselves, to imagine, desire, hunger for or have an opinion about. Science need not figure out ingenious ways to build robots for their AI future, our schools are raising them up and spitting them out in record numbers.

So what is our true purpose? To figure out who we are fully, what can we offer the world that will benefit everyone, how can we create peace with one another and finally understand the power of love. We are meant to be living our lives in harmony not war, but those ego driven lusts of politicians won’t even try to do things differently. Well if they won’t, then we must! We need a direction in which to go, we need guidelines by which to live the I Am Me life and we need a strong desire to create change in the world. We cannot afford to sit quietly in the dark any longer while the world implodes. The change can begin with us, by living our own life as WE desire and it can spread out to others. We have to be willing to take the risk of stepping across our comfort zones and daring to be ourselves. If you like to write then please write to Washington and let them know what you feel. Let your voice be known.

We had the so-called ‘me too’ movement, the ‘black lives matter’ movement,  but what happened to the ‘I am me’ movement demanding our freedom? If those other movements can make an impact, so can we. The main stream media won’t help our cause because it goes against their agenda, so we will once again have to be creative in how we get the word out.  For example:To live my ‘I am me’ life I choose to be kind and giving and compassionate. I choose to live by truth and only truth in my world, I choose to be of service to others when in need, I choose to live my life with high morals and be respectful of all others, and I choose to believe the universe is there for me. I choose to live with love in my heart not hate. If a whole lot of people were choosing to live the life their soul wants them to live,  the world would begin to balance out I think.The discord is coming from not being who we are or doing what we were meant to do.  Lets give being the best we can be a try. It sure can’t hurt.

Blessings to all,



Daring To Look…

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I was just doing a written exercise that called for figuring out who you are. Yeah, good luck. It called for writing out two lists side by side, one called My Personality, the other one called My Spirit( the core of who you are), and to write what felt the most true & comfortable to me in each list. So I did that and what came out of it was quite startling. Both sides were the total opposite, so much so it seemed like war was going on between the two.

What a great eye opener for me. If My personality and my Spirit( my core) were so out of balance, how could my life be anything but chaotic? Just like within our bodies, we need all parts to be at peace with one another for good health, imbalance leads to poor health. My spirit is very positive in how it wants to be, very giving, kind, and loving, it wants to help others and I can trust it to be honest on all levels, yet my Personality is not this way due to life circumstances. I am cautious, often distrustful, impatient with waiting for change, angry with the injustice I see going on etc. In other words, I am not quiet and gentle as I should be, I’m stressed and out of sorts.

It got me thinking about how many other folks in the world are fighting their way through life with an imbalanced being? I mean really, it should be no surprise there is so much turmoil in the world. How do we go up against the ever-present enemy of Media propaganda that is keeping people distracted and fearful and not allowing them to find themselves, let alone live the lives they desire? Part of this issue is timing as we do not awaken all at the same time, for that too would cause imbalance. How do we take away the power of the lies and misleading information causing so many to stray far away from their centers? Peace is close by, it is on our periphery, but we cannot attain it if we are not living in truth and in balance. It’s a good time to check where we stand and make some alterations if needed.

Instead of just tolerating what is going on in the world we would do far better to create our own calm and peaceful realities by living our lives in the best possible ways. By being honest and truthful, by being giving and loving and kind, by reaching out to help others, by not judging others, by learning acceptance and the fine art of letting go. We don’t have to be the divisive, angry people we are forced to watch on television( if we watch at all). If enough of the world were working hard everyday to be the best that they can be, the energy in the world would be so different. Instead of feeling frustrated or victimized we can find ways to calm our lives by doing things that truly matter to us. Here is another good question to ask yourself and see where it takes you: What do you love more than you fear? These excursions into self are enlightening and exciting. This journey is quite often avoided by many and sadly they do not really know themselves. Have courage and dive deep, it’s amazing what you’ll find.

These times we are trapped in, between old and new paradigms, are challenging to say the least. We need to find ways to take our fears or issues and turn them around so we can use them positively as maps to move forward and grow. They are nothing more than lessons to be learned, they are not monsters waiting for us in the dark.  We are strong like the mighty Oak, it is why we were chosen to be here at this time to stand up for what is right by being the best that we can be. We do not have to be pulled down by what we hear and see. All that we hear and see is nothing more than somebody else’s opinion about life and whose to say if they are even right. You know what you believe in, you know what is right for you, protect that and demand the very best from yourself. You’ll feel good and heaven knows the world needs to start to feel good again!

Strength and love to all,





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Lets be honest here, we all have fears of one sort or the other. Some people acknowledge them and let them go, others become hostage to them and begin to wither on the vine. Fear has great power over us which is why it is used against us 24/7 to keep us going in the direction we are told to go in. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of things, fear is always around the next corner waiting for us or to be exploited by the media. This is what the media has become, propagandists helping politicians achieve their agendas. It sucks, it is shameful and sadly it is not going away and so it is we who must make things right.

Fear gets such a bum rap and yet it is needed at times to thrust us along into the unknown or to slow us down to wait out the storm so to speak. In other words, let US use fear not the other way around! Use it to our advantage rather than succumb to it. Everything in life has two sides to the story so why not pick the side of useful and leave behind the side of victim? I remember once years ago wondering how to find what it was I needed to do with my life and I was asked ” What do you love more than you fear and when you find out, go after it”.  It’s interesting to ponder. Think of all the things you fear and avoid at all costs and how powerful they are, but at the same time look at all the things you truly love and believe in and stand up for and you will see great power there as well. Who wins out I guess is our choice.

Why do we give fear so much power over us? After all it is nothing more than  possibilities of what could happen where as loving life is already happening, it is grounding us, pumping us full of strength and yet we so often chose to dwell in the realm of fear. Well for one thing, we are never taught any of this. We are never taught anything about ourselves, our strengths and possibilities, our power, our truth. Instead we live on a steady diet of tv ads that put us down, continually tell us we are damaged in one way or the other, we are shown only negative, violent, malicious stories designed to invoke fear. We are broken down into categories of people in need of changing ourselves in order to be worthy enough to be accepted. If you are not a wealthy one percenter you will never fit in, you will never be accepted, so stop trying! It is not only a waste of your time, you truly do not want to be who they are, disconnected from reality..

That is the game we are playing. Being convinced we are not enough as we are and then we are sent on a lifelong journey of looking for ways to improve ourselves when in actuality, we are just fine the way we are. Fear tells us we are inadequate. Fear tells us we are vulnerable. Fear tells us we have no trust. Fear tells us “keep trying” when we are already whole to begin with. It is time for all of us to stop dabbling in fear and move beyond it so we can regain our courage and strength. We have a battle raging all around us for our minds, so we best ‘USE’ our fears to find a way forward. We need to stop thinking about what we fear and instead think about our strengths and how we can use them. Use fear as a wake up call to change your perspective to a positive one.

We are seeing true fear in the elites who are rapidly disintegrating before our very eyes. It’s their own fault, but they can’t see that. It is so embarrassing to watch the dramas of Washington and think that these angry, ego driven, power-hungry, lying individuals are actually running our country! Shocking. It’s like the principal walked out and left the third grade in charge of running the school. Our priorities are so misguided! Hypocrisy runs Washington these days and it is disgusting to witness what is going on. They don’t even have a clue that they are alienating themselves even further by their actions. They are so driven by their needs and their egos they are blind! Sadly the people are so disengaged at this point who is even listening? This is the void we are meant to be filling! This is why we are here, to bring back morals and decency, to show others what really matters in life and to speak out in favor of evolving together as our next step down the road.

Are we not tired and bored of being tadpoles and wouldn’t we honestly rather lose our tails and become frogs at long last? We have been held here in this sad state of deterioration for long enough. It is time to move up the ladder, to adapt to change and look upon that change with eagerness rather than fear and dread? It is time to stop listening to people tell us who we are meant to be and just be ourselves instead. We are not less than, we are more than, we just haven’t been told. It is very scary and tragic to see how the world is being run and by whom and for what purpose. It surely is not for the good of mankind, but rather for the few. We want ALL people to be equal, to feel worthy, to have purpose and goals and dreams. We are all one species. We were not born with price tags stuck to us according to our value, corporations placed those price tags on us as well as our Government, which really is one in the same!

The country is being divided and torn asunder before our very eyes and yet there is silence! This must stop. If we wish to live a better life we better start fighting for it! Everyday there are a great many insane things happening that are pulling us under, we are drowning in it. Why are we not hearing a lot of noise from the sane side demanding what needs to be done to make things right just as strongly? It’s odd to watch this disparity. We need to be vocal, but not to complain as so many do, but rather to offer new ideas and ways to break free of where we are stuck. We need big thinkers, we need open minds and we need inspiration! It is time to change, but we must have a plan in place for people to follow or they will never go out on the limb of vulnerability. Time to get to work everybody! Somehow we must learn how to not fear change and instead see it as a friend and the next step to where we want to go.

Blessings to all,



The Cosmic Weather Report…

Cosmic Weather Report

March 2018:
The Dog’s Gift
                                                      by Mark Borax                                                              
Putney Mountain, Vermont

Photo by Art Durand

A couple weeks ago we began the year of the dog, which is all about service. It’s hard to think of a greater example of the purity, faithfulness and loyalty of service than the version supplied by this noble creature. When humans serve there’s rarely as pure a form of this act; certain acts of servitude can have questionable motives, such as unwarranted martyrdom, guilt and prurient interests. But the dog’s need to serve sets an example that’s unquestionable, which many of us can learn from.

Can there be a version of this stellar form of serving that’s coming into your ken this year? Might there be a new and evolutionary connection to serving and being served that’s offered to you during this launching of the early Days of the Dog?
This March the element of Air is weakest in the sky, with most planets being in Water and then Fire, and a few in Earth, but almost none in Air. When Air is lacking we tend to lose objectivity and perspective — the key ingredients that Air supplies. The upside of this imbalance is that the stories of the past lose some of their grip on our hearts and minds, as the airy realm of cultural ideas turns loosens up, making way for the advent of new stories.
By Lynne Ciccone

If we can muster up stories of heart, soul, and regeneration to replace the profit-driven tales of a decaying culture, we can use March’s lack of Air to imagine new ways of being and new forms of service, in which the Law of Love is the dream we serve rather than the corporate-owned governments bent on stealing our resources and taking over our world. And when the love you feel is the dream you serve, you gain a great secret of a life that serves you as well as the rest of the universe.

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the Cosmic Weather Report can be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.