After Thought…


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With the rain still pouring down outside, I ran out of library books to read yesterday. I had finished them all and was not eager to go out in the rain to get more, so I looked through my library shelves and found one. It is old and has followed me since my teenage years. The top is chewed away by roaches but only the first line of every page was hampered and so I could still read the book. It is  a book I treasure and so rereading it again was a joy. It was the book ‘Siddhartha’ by Herman Hesse. A little book power packed with insights.

Near to the end of the book was a section that caught my eye and made me think about what I wrote yesterday, about words and how we speak to each other. In the book Hesse said “Everything that is thought and expressed in words is one-sided, only half the truth; it all lacks totality, completeness, unity.” How has humanity lost sight of this fact so completely? So many speak out or speak at and in their hearts THEY are right! So they speak, but seldom do they hear the true response, for their truth is the only truth. To believe that, that is the illusion we are swimming in.

It seems to me the true act of awakening is not a thought process, but an emotional process, of being free enough from judgment and ego to accept what is and allow it to pass through you carefully noticed, rather than trying to get that person to see things another way. That way is his way, your way is your way, but through acceptance of each, we can become one and end the division that is destroying our progress forward.

End of my afterthought! Be well my friends, find the courage to dig deep and remain open to ALL the world, not just the one you reside in. Perhaps it is time to stop thinking and talking and at last learn the fine art of just BEING in this world.

Blessings to you all. ❤


At Versus To…

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Having sadly been witness to this past year of disgraceful exhibitions of low energy ugliness on constant display in this country, I have reached my saturation point. I actually reached it a long time ago and have just been trying to exist as best I can with it all. There comes a time, however, when staying silent and buried in your own little world no longer applies. I don’t know what you may feel about Kanye West, like him or hate him, God bless him for starting the conversation about free thinking and waking up to our reality and most importantly for standing up for himself. I for one am very undone by how far backwards it seems we are sliding. Humanity is supposed to be advancing at this time, moving forward and rising up and yet judging from the rhetoric being whipped up into a frenzy these days, it’s obvious we are not moving forward! This is not okay with me, I know what we can BE given the opportunity and I won’t settle for becoming anything less. I live in this country too! I refuse to live in a country where leaders destroy a man’s reputation and career for political gain. Disgusting!

It’s time for Washington to clean up its act! It has become humiliatingly embarrassing having to watch the small mindedness of politicians and the elite. They are so consumed by their lust for power and greed they can’t even see the reality of what is going on. Half the people right now are advancing in their consciousness and the other half is mired in the muck of their own ignorance. They have not a scintilla of understanding about the power of words and the damage they create. I doubt they even care. I DO care and what I care about is our struggle to move humanity forward, but we are being held back by backwards thinking.

If one listens closely to the conversations today they can clearly see that a large part of humanity talks AT people rather than talking TO them. The only thoughts in their heads are about what they will say next and are they right! It’s amazing to see so many wrong people trying to convince all others they are right! All of this non sense is a huge distraction to our journey of advancing humanity forward. It’s time for it all to stop so we can get on with why we are here. To make the world a better place when we leave than it was when we came in. Right now we are failing miserably. As good old Dr. Phil always likes to say, “Someone has to be the hero here”…Meaning someone has to stop having to be right and find the courage to apologize and be the catalyst for change.

It is past time for us to be taking about our ideas on how best we can create change, become better people, make the world a better place and have peace. The people want peace! Maybe not the leaders and the elite, but the people do damn it! So I just want to say thank you to Kanye for starting the discussion and I hope with his status in the world he will use it to help humanity grow up! It’s time for humanity to raise its consciousness at long last and get out of the gutter.

Blessings to us all,




Thinking Out Loud…

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It’s raining today, which I enjoy, as we all know that April showers bring May flowers and I am excited for color to return to my life! I was reading the new book out by Frances Mayes called Women In Sunlight. She also wrote the book “Under The Tuscan Sun”.  I would read for a while and then just sit quietly and let my mind wander to wherever this book wanted to take me. The author has such a descriptive way of writing as to make you feel as if you are part of the story, walking the hills of Tuscany.  Her descriptions were often on food and the simple life the people there live, connected to the earth and good wine and people, always the people. They seem to make it a daily ritual to live life fully and enjoy life from all perspectives. This is what attracts me to her books that share another way to approach life. I think we here in America are sorely lacking this aspect to living. Enjoying the moments life offers.

As always happens with me I start taking my thoughts apart in search for the nugget of truth that lies somewhere at the core. What was my soul starving for that this book was fulfilling within me? It led me to a central question that I cannot answer. “Why do we celebrate everything here in America, even death and tragedy, but we do not have a major holiday for LIFE! The Tuscan’s celebrate life everyday through their food designed to bring people together around tables, their connection to each other that they celebrate and to the land. Each moment they celebrate it is done with gusto and from the heart. We celebrate earth day and the next day we are ripping down forests and saturating the soil with poison etc. We celebrate for the party side of it but it does not come from the true heart, not for many anyway, it holds a shallow meaning. We do NOT fully honor life, it has not become a part of our rituals, so I ask why not?

Why does life mean so little to us that we don’t even honor it in celebration annually or everyday as it should be?  We seem to honor death more than life. Time to rearrange the deck chairs on America’s sinking ship. It is time to re-prioritize and detour into a new direction. If each spring new life emerges and begins to unfold in beauty then let spring be the time to celebrate life every year! A stop the presses type of holiday, no post office, street parties etc. Life should be honored in the most highest of all the holidays we partake in. First and foremost it should out shine all others for without life we would not be! We definitely need new minds running Washington inspiring humanity to become the best it can be in every way we dare to create. It does seem impossible seeing as how Washington and politics in general are so corrupt and closed-minded, un-evolved and incapable of creating anew,  but we can hope and we can have faith and we can manifest and we can deliver our deepest desires. We just have to come together and begin to move forward again with reverence…

Blessings to all,


What Do You See?

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What are your perceptions of reality? With each and every one of us being unique and different, we can’t possibly see reality through the same eyes. So if we all have a different take on reality, how in the heck can we all come together and agree on anything? It’s obvious how divided we have become because of the shallowness of politics.  It seems to me the only way we are going to return to  common decency and sanity is by adhering to sensible life laws that pertain to the whole of humanity. We have tossed aside the ones we used to live by. Do not tell lies, treat one another as equals, do not judge, show kindness and compassion, help one another, always live with honor and integrity and always show respect for one another etc.  We do not share the values we once did, they have faded away and disappeared from our attention. In other words we no longer have a central ‘anything’ to bring us together in commonality. We have splintered and separated ourselves into isolation. It is time to break free of outdated perceptions and open our hearts and minds to creating a better way of being in the world, a new reality, a new story..

If we have learned nothing else since 2012, it is our understanding that we each create the reality  in which we live.  We share the planet, we share our lives, but we each have a separate reality. Now it seems the biggest question of all shouting out to be heard and answered is how can we bring a gazillion separate realities together to coexist in harmony? Hmmm….Good question. I think it would begin by having a shared concept and direction that we all need to be going in together as one force, but we need to share our desires first. We never come together to discuss such things. I never hear the people being asked what we want! Do we even know what we want? You can’t just say we want peace, that is too vague to work with. Break it down and find the core.

It is time for dialogue amongst the people. We need to begin talking face to face again and getting to know one another, what we want, what we think. It is an obvious fact now that we need each other to survive and thrive in the world. At present we exist in our bubbles oblivious to who floats by our space and making no attempts to reach out and communicate with them. We need to figure out who and what we are so we can figure out where we want to go and the best way to get there.  As it is always pointed out, it unfortunately/fortunately requires us getting our own lives together first. We have serious issues that need mending from the suffering and abuse that has been heaped upon humanity throughout the lifetimes. We carry many deep scars from our pasts and sadly they creep into our present and disrupt the process. It’s why we must be straight with ourselves first before we can be straight with each other.

Learning to handle ego is a huge problem for us to deal with as it spider webs off into a billion different directions, most of which hamper our forward motion. We get hung up in judgments, jealousies, anger, insecurities etc. They warp our perceptions of life and therefore we can not expect to create well thought out life laws to live by. If each of us is together and strong and thinking clearly we can create healthy and secure life laws to guide us forward. I cannot emphasize  the importance of self discovery enough and the critical but plain old hard work of letting go so one can move ahead. We are being distracted daily from this necessary work as an informed and together population is a threat to those wishing to keep control over us. Stay focused! Do lot allow yourself to be dragged off course by manufactured drama. Stay present, stay true to yourselves.

Blessings to one and all,