The Time Has Come….

I recently picked up a book from the library. I’m not sure why, as it was nothing like most books I read. Something intrigued me about it and so I brought it home. It was short and I read quickly, so I thought what the heck, maybe I’ll even like it and so I sat down and began reading. Wow. I whipped through it and it stayed in my mind for a long time. I kept mulling it over trying to figure out why I found it so appealing. Like I said, it was not my typical reading material. So I thought on it for days and finally the answer popped into my head! The book gave me a journey into a world I WISH we all lived in. In these times where so much about everything in this world is wrong, this book presented a world that was all about right for a change! People actually caring about one another!

So I of course had to go deeper and figure out more, looking for the core reasons for my feeling the way I did. There is a great deal of hopelessness in the world these days and it is bringing everybody down. Lots of frustrated, angry, betrayed people walking around out there today, and rightfully so! I know personally I long for a world where people care about one another and aren’t afraid to show or express their love and caring. I long for a world again where people talk to one another face to face and no longer stay physically attached 24/7 to their smart phones, heads bowed and thumbs fluttering on the keys like hummingbird’s wings, a world where morals are strong and respect is a normal way of life. A life that holds a far deeper meaning than we are experiencing right now.

It’s frustrating not being able to advance meaningful change in the world more quickly.  Hopefully soon we will see change begin to emerge more forcefully and  universally and things will begin to shift towards something more positive. Until such time, like the story in that book, we can change our worlds by our actions, by making sure we are honestly living our lives to best of our ability. We are at that crossroads in life where we can go one of two ways. Into the future of great growth and possibility or down the road of familiarity that skirts the outer reaches of our comfort zones but goes no further? Will humanity wake up in time to embrace our evolution into becoming better stewards of life? I hope so….

Blessings to all,