There are many truths in this short analysis of April…So far it has been grueling having to uncover the deeply hidden truths, but it must happen. I think many of us are on this journey and we are never alone. Good luck and stay the course! We’ll get there eventually.    VK ❤

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Truths of Love and Wholeness


by Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont
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Via A Different Kind of Art

Throughout April Pluto inhabits 22 degrees Capricorn, adding a layer to the Saturn-in-Capricorn themes of the year: Getting Real with how we deal with power and how we deal with time. (See my New Year’s report.)

As the deepest-rooted planetary force in our solar system Pluto establishes the foundational frequency, and the foundational frequency prevailing this month is that of a truth inquiry. Underneath the strange changes of our time a profound restlessness is stirring the species regarding truth and falsehood. A similar stirring was stirred up during my teen years in the 1960s, when world youth rose up to expose the lying hypocrisy of their elders.
During a time when flat-earthers deny the very roundness of the planet, and fear is used as an instrument to keep people fighting amongst themselves rather than overthrowing corrupt power-brokers, mass media has become the international oracle most

By Jen Delyth

people get their truths from. In one of the main ironies of the current political moment, the idea itself that mass media is false and filled with lies is both true and false. Like many hyper-polarizing ideas, the truth itself is usually more organic and paradoxical than the polarizing forces would have you believe.

The kind of person who bucks the system, goes off on their own, and wrestles with life to earn their own truths through rigorous hands-on experience is becoming rarer. But that’s who we’re all being asked to become this spring — awakened individuals willing to challenge the dominant paradigm and find deeper truths of love and wholeness.

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