What Do You See?

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What are your perceptions of reality? With each and every one of us being unique and different, we can’t possibly see reality through the same eyes. So if we all have a different take on reality, how in the heck can we all come together and agree on anything? It’s obvious how divided we have become because of the shallowness of politics.  It seems to me the only way we are going to return to  common decency and sanity is by adhering to sensible life laws that pertain to the whole of humanity. We have tossed aside the ones we used to live by. Do not tell lies, treat one another as equals, do not judge, show kindness and compassion, help one another, always live with honor and integrity and always show respect for one another etc.  We do not share the values we once did, they have faded away and disappeared from our attention. In other words we no longer have a central ‘anything’ to bring us together in commonality. We have splintered and separated ourselves into isolation. It is time to break free of outdated perceptions and open our hearts and minds to creating a better way of being in the world, a new reality, a new story..

If we have learned nothing else since 2012, it is our understanding that we each create the reality  in which we live.  We share the planet, we share our lives, but we each have a separate reality. Now it seems the biggest question of all shouting out to be heard and answered is how can we bring a gazillion separate realities together to coexist in harmony? Hmmm….Good question. I think it would begin by having a shared concept and direction that we all need to be going in together as one force, but we need to share our desires first. We never come together to discuss such things. I never hear the people being asked what we want! Do we even know what we want? You can’t just say we want peace, that is too vague to work with. Break it down and find the core.

It is time for dialogue amongst the people. We need to begin talking face to face again and getting to know one another, what we want, what we think. It is an obvious fact now that we need each other to survive and thrive in the world. At present we exist in our bubbles oblivious to who floats by our space and making no attempts to reach out and communicate with them. We need to figure out who and what we are so we can figure out where we want to go and the best way to get there.  As it is always pointed out, it unfortunately/fortunately requires us getting our own lives together first. We have serious issues that need mending from the suffering and abuse that has been heaped upon humanity throughout the lifetimes. We carry many deep scars from our pasts and sadly they creep into our present and disrupt the process. It’s why we must be straight with ourselves first before we can be straight with each other.

Learning to handle ego is a huge problem for us to deal with as it spider webs off into a billion different directions, most of which hamper our forward motion. We get hung up in judgments, jealousies, anger, insecurities etc. They warp our perceptions of life and therefore we can not expect to create well thought out life laws to live by. If each of us is together and strong and thinking clearly we can create healthy and secure life laws to guide us forward. I cannot emphasize  the importance of self discovery enough and the critical but plain old hard work of letting go so one can move ahead. We are being distracted daily from this necessary work as an informed and together population is a threat to those wishing to keep control over us. Stay focused! Do lot allow yourself to be dragged off course by manufactured drama. Stay present, stay true to yourselves.

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8 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. VK, I saw more clearly years ago … lately it’s as though I have the greatest challenges just staying Balanced! NO idea what is going on … I’m so DONE with this rush rush rush go go go do do do! I can FEEL how fast this world has gotten and how disjointed. For the Love of Pete ….. we gotta slow down! Not sure if you are experiencing what I am … I’m all over the place these days …. Not pretty! 😬

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    • Yep….The world is addicted to speed 😦 I wish I had all the numbers I’ve read about recently about how many people are stressed out, freaking out, worn out, tapped out…Therapists are in high demand! You name it, we are going too fast, trying to take in too much info and process it and in the process we have had our morals destroyed and so few people are connected any longer. Nothing much matters any more. That said I think there are more and more people seeing the truth of what is going on and are slowing down their lives to survive. It will all hopefully straighten out one day. Until then stay in Alpha brain and rest…..Hugs…VK ❤

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      • Bless you, dear friend. I have so much to do, unfortunately, as in opening my Gardens. I don’t seem to be able to be doing as much as I did last year. I seem to have more aches and pains than I normally do and I’m crossing my fingers that a supplement that I ordered that is coming tomorrow will help with these aches and pains. Just too much and I totally understand why therapists would be overwhelmed. I myself at times feel like screaming and pulling my hair out. I used to be able to block the universal energy away from me but lately I have been feeling it and it does not feel good at all believe you me! I just want to hide and borrow away from the horrendous high-voltage energy all the time…

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    • I hear you on the gardens, I’m in the same boat but I am doing new things lately that seem to be helping. Anytime during the day I may just go get in my bed and read for 45 minutes…No guilt to stress me out, it’s just my body communicating that I need it and so I now give it freely without a guilt trip….We as humans can only be pushed so far so fast and eventually we can’t accommodate anything else. We’re filled up! Time to start going in a new direction towards wholeness and calm…..VK ❤

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      • Yesterday I did push myself a little bit too much, but on the whole I am pacing myself. I am only looking at one Garden at a time and I’m avoiding my eyes to all the others that must be done yet. I like how you are adapting to all the hard work that is involved. You inspire me to do the same! 💝

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    • I have felt a weird sensation lately, not really restlessness, but needing to do something of importance and not knowing what to do. A need to create and not being able to release it maybe? Not sure, but I have felt a change moving in and settling…That said I guess I better learn to adapt and fast. I can imagine what the soon to be butterfly is feeling in the chrysalis just before it breaks open….Cramped, awake and aware that something is up! We shall see what transpires….Be well AR…Enjoy the outdoors and springs warmth at long last! VK ❤

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