Full Moon Upon Us….

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You can always tell when a full moon approaches and your bedroom lights up like daylight in the middle of the night. That time has come! Here is the article. Enjoy and use the energies wisely…

New Moon Ahead….

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Times of change are definitely upon us. Even the weather is making changes for us. Volcano’s erupting, earth quakes bursting forth, major storms unleashing their fury. Change is definitely pushing us right now to be more, be better, be different and move forward! Just MOVE! Once again I offer that we all go within and begin our changes there and use the new moon energy to help us evolve. All change begins within ourselves first then spreads outward. Here is the article. Enjoy!


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If I had to describe this country and maybe even the world right now with one word, that word would be ‘Gotcha’!  It is stunning to watch the depravity of Washington taint our minds, our country and even the world with utter ignorance and ego driven ideology. They seem to have gone mad, they are choking on their own negative filth. It appears their purpose in getting up everyday is not to better our country and it’s people, but rather to play another game of ‘Gotcha’. Everybody is intensely busy racing around digging up dirt on everybody else in hopes of destroying lives, careers and sadly our sense of integrity. It’s very sad to watch, it’s also very disturbing to think our children are being forced to witness and partake in such a low-level mindset. Children learn by example and what a disastrous example Washington is setting, sending out all the wrong messages on how NOT to be rather than being role models exuding integrity to be learned. Pathetic!

So as with everything it seems, there must be balance to keep the flow moving freely. The world needs to be embraced with compassion and kindness and caring. The world is starving for love and meaning. We always used to wonder when our time would come, what would we be called to do etc. Well the time is here and we are needed to create balance! We are tipping down dangerously close to the dark side of the scales and we need to bring forth light. We need to engage in daily goodness wherever we go, depositing random acts of kindness and caring, offering love and acceptance and yes, unconditional love. The human race at its core is not about killing and taking and seizing control over others! Humans are kind and loving at their cores. Can we not see we are being programmed to be this way, it’s NOT who we are, and we must stop following along!

Our way of being has gone on for so long now we have come to accept it as how things are, but that is not so! Somehow we need to reconnect with our innocent, childlike minds that we had before we began sitting in front of television sets and began to lose our ability and desire to think for ourselves. TV’s daily programming has stolen that away from us, and yes we ARE being programmed. It is imperative we recognize the situation we are really in or else we will continue to lose ourselves and eventually fade into oblivion.  It is time to awaken fully, eyes wide open to truth and begin to bring back what is rightfully ours. Freedom, truth, integrity, compassion and love. What you give out always comes back, so give and give often. Help everyone around you remember the joy life can bring, let them feel caring and acceptance, offer them a helping hand up where needed, just give from your heart and let them experience gratitude. It has been a very long time since we have felt it. Be the balance the world so desperately needs.

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Cosmic Weather Report…

I so agree with Mark’s point about Society having outgrown its old boundaries. Human consciousness has shifted and the world is still trying to use its new consciousness on old forms of being causing great friction. It is time to recognize our need to move forward and expand ourselves into the true wonders that we are.   Blessings….VK

Cosmic Weather Report

Pacing the Cage:
The Mars/Pluto Conjunction of May, 2018
by Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont
By Consueto Parra

Through most of May Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, revising fundamental structures of sex, strength and power. It’s worth examining the way your life is built regarding these matters. Stabs of intense emotion this month can reveal points where your sex-and-power channels have gotten misaligned or blocked, and need wild catalytic bursts of Mars-Pluto force to break them free.

Like in the 1960s society is in the midst of severe growing pains. We’ve outgrown structures of thought, gender, politics, sex and life itself that date back to the dark ages, which we have never fully transcended. As Mars wrestles with Pluto this month phenomenal life-giving forces of fertility and desire surge through the inner depths of the species. These can empower you to banish obsolete forms and ideas you got hooked in that block the deeper truth of your soul. All over the world the soul of humanity has been trapped in a false world order, pacing inside our species like a lion in a cage.
Paravati Shiva

When you dig deep enough below the rubble of a failing civilization to contact the primal ground of your being, that Mars-Pluto force surges primal current to bring you back from the dead and free the lion of the soul from pacing its cage.

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?


Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

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