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I so agree with Mark’s point about Society having outgrown its old boundaries. Human consciousness has shifted and the world is still trying to use its new consciousness on old forms of being causing great friction. It is time to recognize our need to move forward and expand ourselves into the true wonders that we are.   Blessings….VK

Cosmic Weather Report

Pacing the Cage:
The Mars/Pluto Conjunction of May, 2018
by Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont
By Consueto Parra

Through most of May Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, revising fundamental structures of sex, strength and power. It’s worth examining the way your life is built regarding these matters. Stabs of intense emotion this month can reveal points where your sex-and-power channels have gotten misaligned or blocked, and need wild catalytic bursts of Mars-Pluto force to break them free.

Like in the 1960s society is in the midst of severe growing pains. We’ve outgrown structures of thought, gender, politics, sex and life itself that date back to the dark ages, which we have never fully transcended. As Mars wrestles with Pluto this month phenomenal life-giving forces of fertility and desire surge through the inner depths of the species. These can empower you to banish obsolete forms and ideas you got hooked in that block the deeper truth of your soul. All over the world the soul of humanity has been trapped in a false world order, pacing inside our species like a lion in a cage.
Paravati Shiva

When you dig deep enough below the rubble of a failing civilization to contact the primal ground of your being, that Mars-Pluto force surges primal current to bring you back from the dead and free the lion of the soul from pacing its cage.

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