Time To Rise Above…

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I for one am glad to see Mars go retrograde until August 28th, hopefully it will calm some of the warring mentality going on today. Yes, we have begun our second civil war and it doesn’t feel very good. How can you say such things you might ask. Well, read the definition of civil war and tell me it doesn’t apply to what is taking place around our country today. Now we even have politicians encouraging the people to become violent not just resist. It truly is an outrageous moment for our society. Boy are we needed more than ever right now. The radical left has taken control of the media so people are being  fed hateful propaganda and if that is all they hear every time they turn on their televisions then we are in for big trouble. We are being called to maintain balance in the world, more importantly in our own country. It’s getting heated and we don’t have time to sit idle.

The most tragic part of what is happening in this civil war is the fact our ‘supposed’ leaders are the ones stirring the pot. That tells me this is exactly what they want, total unrest, chaos and in the end something maybe even as sick as martial law! Well guess what, they will not get their wish if we can create the balance we so desperately need. Ask yourself why television shows about heroes and good deeds are always so popular. It is because the basic human being is good and it makes them feel good when they see kindness being given to others or to themselves. This is what pumps through our blood streams, this is who we are and it is being bred out of us over time as we are constantly bombarded with evil and anger and hatred and death. Time to tune out those messages and start a bit of resistance of our own. Two can play that little game!

Be kind, be loving, be helpful, be understanding, listen closely, offer support where it is needed, reach out to others, always be TRUTHFUL, do what you can to leave this country better than it was when you came here. It’s tough fighting this hostile take over of our country because they have a tight control on the messages people hear day in and day out. Well we need to find ways to share our message as well! Try leaving uplifting post it notes wherever you go. We all have grown up I bet being told at one time or another such quotes as ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Matthew 7:12 or other great quotes like “Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up” Jesse Jackson, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” Winston Churchill and here is one specifically for politicians who are acting vile and hateful, ” Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light” Norman B. Rice. Quotes stick around forever because they are haiku’s of truth and remind us of who we are meant to be. Good and loving people!

Blessings to all,



Has The Moment Arrived?

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Witnessing the chaos over the past few days has been quite distressing to deal with. The drama and dialogue continue to rankle people with their vitriol and deepen the already existing division that is undoing the calm and sowing discontent. I sit here and pull my hair out and want to scream “we’re so much better than this! Grow up.” Ego, judgment, tit for tat and the ever constant need to be right are such old school ways of interacting with life. We should be well beyond this stage and yet we remain entrenched in that negative energy.

So I started thinking about it and again my need to find the core of something made me observe more closely what is going on. I can clearly see each and every one of us has our beliefs we hold dear and defend at all costs. So taking this issue to task would mean finding a common thread to hold us all together regardless of our different beliefs. That seems to be the missing factor today and it is the reason we are adrift without a moral compass. We have nothing to connect us together. We need a main, well focused, direction to place our attention so we can continue to grow and expand and move forward. Humanity needs to finally accept this challenge and stand strong. All of this drama going on is our message that it is time to unleash change upon the world.

I am not certain exactly what that common thread is. A desire to bring peace to the world perhaps, we are overdue to see peace unfold. I believe all the chaos we are seeing  is forcing us to come together on common ground in order for our survival to continue. We are overdosing on hatred and continual attacks from all directions. We are at a very low point in our evolution right now, we have actually gone backwards rather than forwards as we were meant to do. The steady diet of propaganda being dished out every day, morning noon and night, it’s no wonder this has happened. Now that we realize what is happening it is time to fully awaken and embrace change.

Hopefully this is that moment in time when we finally understand that learning how to love one another is and always has been our mission here on earth. This division and hatred and these verbal attacks going on will continue until we wise up and see that our challenge in this lifetime is to figure out how to co-exist in harmony. That comes from knowing how to love one another and most of us don’t know the first thing about how to do this. It is foreign and uncomfortable, but it is also urgently needed. We have been so distracted we have not learned what we were meant to learn. How do we silence our judgments of others, how do we tame our egos and no longer have the intense need to ‘be right’ all of the time. These emotions are holding us back, they stop our ability to love and it is time to release them and move on to a new way of being. Let us use this chaos to grow and become better than we are now. Let us finally learn how to love and accept what is.

Now if you know how to bring humanity together for this ah ha moment let us all know. That is the part I can’t figure out. How do we pull this off? It’s time to figure out this puzzle and make it happen. We know it’s possible!

Blessings to all,


Have Faith…

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I’ve been watching everything going on lately and I can clearly, in my opinion, see where we seem to be going wrong. There are two distinct sets of thinking going on right now and a deep, stubborn refusal to see life through a new perspective. People keep screaming about the radical left or the radical right causing trouble when in fact it is something very different. It is not left or right thinking that is disrupting the peace, it is the old paradigm versus the new paradigm we are witnessing waging war. The old ways of being and thinking are unable to let go  and move forward, to try out new things, new ideas, new forms of governing for ourselves. It is as if their very life depends upon staying as it is, their minds incapable of imagining anything else could be possible. Like with Kim Jung Un, everybody from the old paradigm keeps screaming about what happened with No. Korea before, therefore it will happen again. How empty that way of thinking is. No room for advancement, growth or change. No room for trust and believing things can always get better. How stifling! Suffocating.

These times we find ourselves in right now are demanding we let go. These times are pleading for new ways of thinking to create the new road map ahead, yet we seem stuck in the mindset that if things are the way they are, it’s because they are the way we’ve always done it before, so that is what we will do again. NO! For many in the world, we don’t want to remain in this paradigm that is spiraling to its death. We want to be part of the new, up and coming paradigm and feel the excitement of stepping outside the box, testing the waters and doing things differently, which has become alluring to many who never dared think such things. If your shoes are too tight and pinch your feet you are not going to keep wearing them and feel pain. So why should we remain stuck in this dying paradigm and feel pain? If we can buy new shoes we can create a new way of being that fits and feels comfortable at long last. For far too long we have hobbled about in misery because we don’t dare to try anything new and what we have now no longer fits.

Well trying we are right now and the old paradigm is going crazy because it can;t keep things under their control. We have jumped out of the box and there is no going back. We know what the old paradigm has to offer us. What worked way back when no longer works , our minds and hearts no longer function the same way. We are shifting and growing and we can feel the pressure building of needing to stretch out from cramped quarters. And so we shall. Each and every one of us has the choice and chance to become someone new, to see life through new eyes and experience life on a new path. As scary as it is, it is also exciting and we must grab hold of those moments of excitement and take our steps forward  towards the new world that awaits us.It is a blank canvas and a magnificent self-portrait is waiting to be created.

Blessings to us all,


Desire To Inspire…

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I hear so many people weary from life these days, wishing they could change what is happening. But how? I always say the changes we are desiring to see in life begin within ourselves first, but what can we do to bring them about? I think a great many people wish they had a book of instructions to follow right now because where we find ourselves is totally unfamiliar and uncomfortable, so what do we do?

First and foremost, forget trying to change the world and it’s problems, most of them are beyond our capabilities. Instead, challenge yourself to change your own life for the better. We keep hearing a lot about what is wrong in the world and because of this we have begun to accept that this is the way of the world and sadly, the way of ourselves as well. If we live life expecting the worst then we will get it. If we unprogram our minds from a negative outlook and begin looking for the good instead, life changes. So how can we change our lives and hopefully inspire those around us to change as well?

1. First and foremost, believe in yourself. We cannot inspire others if we don’t believe in life and most importantly, in ourselves. If you don’t believe in yourself then you now have a place to begin making change. Go for it! Change your perspectives.

2. Be authentic and stay true to yourself and what you believe in.

3. Make others around you feel worthy, accepted and loved. Let them know you believe in them and you care.

4. Be a person who has strong values and sticks to them at all costs.

5. Live your life with energy so you have it to offer others.

6. Know where you are going and stay the course, happily and gratefully.

7. Live what you love and nothing less.

8. Listen mindfully to understand what you are being told, rather than        waiting patiently to give your answer.

9. Be resilient and display your abilities to handle life confidently.

10. Let your actions speak for themselves.

11. Smile and be kind to others.

12. Don’t settle for less, reach for the beyond.

13. UN-program your thinking and embrace being spontaneous.

14. Be part of the solution not part of the problem.

15. Help others in need and bring joy to others lives.

16. Live a life that sets an example for others. Walk your talk.

17. Always try to focus on the good in people not the bad.

18. Learn how to become self-sufficient and independent.

19. Be an honest, caring, person without judgment.

20. Pay attention to your day-to-day life and be optimistic.

21. Never fear being who or what you are amongst those who think differently.

Blessings to all,