Lessons Abound….

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It seems like so much of the world is out of whack, off the rails, just plain insane these days. We have the choice of running from it or facing it head on by demanding to be ourselves. We see Face Book falling apart, Amazon taking hits from people fighting back, YouTube becoming so partisan it’s losing followers. So what is going on? I hope we are finally seeing people realizing that their lives have been dictated to forever now and who we truly are got lost in the mix. Personally I don’t understand why anyone would want to put Alexa into their homes as it is nothing more than Big Brother watching and listening to your every move. I believe conversations being overheard by others not intended to hear them has suddenly awoken people to the true possibilities of evil that lie within this Trojan horse. Same goes for Amazon and its way too long reach it has taken to run our lives in one fashion or another. The lust for control of we the people has gotten so out of hand and unless we wake up quickly and realize it, things will only get worse.

Each time a calamity and its possible dangers is exposed  and people are shown a new perspective, I believe things slowly begin to change. We must be aware of and learn from the lessons that come with these calamities however! We got sucked into FB and Twitter, smart phones and ipads and what is really scary is the fact if you are NOT into these modes of distraction, you can see first hand with a clear mind how they are radically changing society and not for the better. They are decimating morality and respect, they are being used to promote propaganda to sway our minds into whatever direction they choose for us to go in.  The lesson here to be learned is to rediscover how to live your life as you want to live it not how you are misdirected to live it. The only way we are going to get ahead is to learn how to do things for ourselves! Each new creation technology comes out with ends up being just one more way to DO things FOR us when in fact doing so works against us! we are losing our ability and desire to do for ourselves anymore.

For far too long it seems everybody but ourselves have been telling us how to live our lives and providing ways for us to disconnect from one another. We all NEED one another! That is the biggest lesson of all.  All of our power lies in oneness. We are losing communities where we live because we no longer interact one on one,face to face. We live next to strangers because we don’t interact with neighbors. How do you know one day you won’t need them for something, lets say an emergency?We have stopped doing things for ourselves and thinking for ourselves and this is getting quite dangerous. I am all in favor of moving forward and progressing in life but not when it means the destruction of morality, respect and compassion for our fellow-man.

As we begin to embark on another summer of sun and fun I hope we can all take the time to unplug and begin to reconnect with life. We have so much to be grateful for and yet I think many don’t even realize it they are so distracted and burdened by the insanity and ugliness going on in the world around them. It’s natural to want to retreat away from it all but now is exactly when we are needed to come forth and help begin the reconnection process. Our summer motto can be ‘unplug and reconnect’. Wishing each and every one of you blessings for a wonderful summer ahead.

Visionkeeper ❤

2 thoughts on “Lessons Abound….

  1. 👏👏👏 I could not agree with you more, dear friend! For those of us who do know how to unplug, the behavior seen in this world never ceases to shock. How sad it is that we do not even know each other anymore and that a phone or some other technology device is more important than even conversation. I have been MIA at WordPress because I have just been needing time for me. To be surrounded by my glorious Gardens especially at this time of year is all I do want. That and taking me time out in nature wherever my little heart desires. The more I am away from WordPress the harder it is for me to get back in it. I am sad at heart knowing that too many in this world seek the satisfaction in things that are not important whatsoever. Awesome post, one that you really need to be proud of! Big hugs from me! 💕🌹💕

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    • Thanks Amy Rose….I actually thought I should trash this post. It just didn’t feel right somehow…It is so hard to even know what to write anymore. The world is so screwed up and torn into a gazillion little pieces, where and how does one begin to communicate anymore? I appreciate your kind words and presence here!!!! Your gardens are glorious btw…Mine are just now getting big enough to think about blooming perhaps….slow start indeed. It’s so wonderful to see green and colors again though. No complaints from me! Be well my friend and take all the time in the world you need to deal with the craziness…. 🙂 Hugs to you and again, thank you….Much love…VK ❤

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